Adam Schein Comes Full Circle

What's going on Cheese Stake?
Hide the women and children...because we are just moments away...from Gil Brandt's upset specials.

If you listen to Sirius NFL Radio, then you should recognize the common sayings above from analyst Adam Schein. I've seen many Browns fans discredit him over at the OBR at times, but I always enjoy listening to him on the Afternoon Blitz and on Sunday mornings. Before the season started, he, just like many other analysts, thought the Browns had no shot this season. Even when the Browns strung three wins together, he stayed firm and believed the Browns would only get one win the remainder of the season.

Schein has come full circle, writing a very nice piece on the Browns, including several solid quotes from running back Jamal Lewis. Here's an excerpt, where Lewis talks about the maturation of Derek Anderson:

"This guy is in the weight room, he is in the classroom, he is in the facility more than anyone," Lewis said. "Day in and day out he is there. We feed off of that. That's where it comes from. It's a new offense and he studies to perform like that. And believe me, when you come from where he's come from, you have something to prove every week. That fire burns. We love it. During training camp there was a lot of competing going on. He couldn't get the entire offense down, or take all the snaps with the first team, because he had to compete with Charlie Frye and Brady Quinn. Now it is his system. It's his team."

In other news, Daven Holly is not going to forget the hit he took from Hines Ward back in Week 1. Cleveland fans have given him hell for it, and even some of the Baltimore Ravens players criticized him following their 38-7 loss this past Monday. This quote is from Ravens linebacker Bart Scott:

"I just think he took some shots that he didn't have to," Scott told the Baltimore Sun this week.

Finally, a couple of injury notes from Thursday:

  • Eric Steinbach: Sat out again with a twisted back. No indications have been made stating that he won't play this Sunday.
  • D'Qwell Jackson: Hasn't practiced with an ankle injury, likely out.
  • Seth McKinney: Hasn't practiced with a shoulder injury, likely out. Ryan Tucker would take his place.
  • Leigh Bodden: Was limited with a back injury and should play this Sunday.

Let's Go Browns! Instead of Let's Go Tribe! Random, eh? Anyone heading to Pittsburgh for this Sunday's game?

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