"Doctor, the patient has no Belly or Heart"


You know, you sit and watch this team and I believe this team has no belly, no guts. This game was at this point of the season those most important game to date. The team appeared to right itself and had won 3 of 4. The QB was playing better. A divisonal opponent, who beat the Browns soundly earlier in the year. A loss puts the Browns at 1-3 in the division with the Steelers to play yet, and on the road. The Browns would go 4-4, with a short week and play Denver. All this riding on this game. And they lose to an average Raven team with a backup running back, a rookie QB, a secondary with 3 starters out, and at HOME.
 Now we can point fingers everywhere, from Chuds play calling: run 1st and 2nd down then pass on a team that has not allowed a running back to gain 100 yards in 27 games. To Braylon who drops balls weekly. I don’t think he scores, but either way he does great, if not the Browns are sitting in Ravens terriority deep. To the defense, who for the most part has played well this year, did not show up today. I mean come on Joe Flacco and Ray Rice? Hey Flacco has the chance to be the best QB the Ravens have had( not saying much) but he can be good, but a rookie. And Ray RIce, goodness the Browns made him look like a young Jamal Lewis. 
 Now we have gone round and round with the Anderson/Quinn debate. I don’t hide the fact that I want Quinn quarterbacking this team. Anderson played well, UNTIL when the Browns needed him the most. From the 6:02 mark in the 3rd quarter all the way to the Suggs interception in the 4th quarter with 2:43 to go the Browns and Anderson had ZERO 1st downs. You want to blame the lack of running game, I will give you some credit, but this falls and will always fall on the quarterback. I don’t care what team it is, the quarterback is the player who has to make a play. When the Browns need a play from Anderson he comes up short. In the last two years Anderson and the Browns have beaten two winning football teams: The Giants and the Seahawks ( Jacksonville is 3-5, losing today to the 1-8 Bengals!!!) In sports they all talk about “IT” . “That player has what "it” got to make “it”. Anderson lacks "IT", he lacks that special quality to lead a team to an important win. He needed this game today, this is the game a statement could of been made, but he came up short. Quarterbacks sometimes get unfair critizism, and that is a fair judgement. However it is the most visible and most important position on the field. He has to take charge of this team, good quarterbacks win this type of game.
 Well coached teams win games like this today. Teams with character, with guts and strong will win games like this today. Does anyone think this team was prepared to play today? Romeo fails in this department. How in the world with the talent this team has, his team comes out and plays so unispired, inconsistent football from week to week?
 As long as this team is being head Coached by Romeo Crennel and quarterbacked by Derek Anderson, this is what you can expect on too many Sundays.

 Like I have said many times before, the day Bill Cowher stepped down in Pittsburgh, this is the man who should be the  Browns head Coach. I don't know his personal life, does he want to coach, does he enjoy being away from the game. Whatever his circumstance in life may be, The Browns should make him an offer that he cannot walk away from. Bill Cowher needs to be the Browns  head coach.

"Have You heard of the Boom on Mizar 5?"


by Grockcubs on Nov 2, 2008 2:42 PM PST


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