Thoughts on the Browns after twice rewatching...

The things that stand out the most to me:

McDonald appears to have lost all confidence in himself and it shows on the field. On numerous occasions he could be seen yelling in the direction of Sean Jones instead of eyeing his man down as the play started. I kept a count during my second rewatch. The number of times I saw McDonald not looking directly at the man he was covering when the ball was snapped: 10. The number of times I saw him clearly get beat: 7. The number of times he was badly beaten for a touchdown: 3. The third included the "no tackle" play earlier in the 4th. McDonald just stood there and watched him run by. He assumed a tackle was going to be made and quit the play. He also dropped 2 easy interceptions. I'll touch on this later, but I saw no adjustments to get him help. He played primarily one on one coverage.

Sean Jones is either rusty or not 100% back from his injury. He is slow to pickup his help reads and he is terrible in his lines for deep coverage. He spent the majority of the game helping to the left side of the field defensively despite McDonald's many troubles. There were multiple occasions where he may as well have been blitzing because I certainly didn't see him actually covering anything.

Our pass rush and blitz packages are predictable. If you rewatch the tape you'll see our line and blitzers simply being pushed to the sides, mostly to the right (backside). We don't run stunts for the most part. We bull rush in one direction. It's fairly easy to gameplan for if you have a QB who gets rid of the ball quickly. The 3-4 defense with the kind of players we currently have just doesn't make sense.

Sean Rogers is an animal. If only we had 2 more of him on the D-Line. What a beast.

Despite the urge to do so, I will not bash Kellen Winslow. Despite the fumble and the drop at the end he had a couple fantastic catches, two touchdowns, and over 110 yards on 10 catches. He's such a fantastic possession receiver/tight end and I really hope he plays out his career in Cleveland. Clearly he is better utilized with a short field quarterback like Quinn.

Quinn was solid in his first start. He's decisive. He gets rid of the ball quickly and most of his incompletions were either timing issues or just really tough throws. It is clear that Anderson's big arm couldn't overcome his own indecision and at times, fear and lack of confidence. The real question with Quinn is can he throw the ball deep. If he can't, then we may have some problems down the road.

Speaking of another player with a clear confidence issue, Edwards. The booing appears to have gotten to him. He was visibly upset in the first half when the fans boo'd him on a play that actually wasn't a drop. It was just an incredibly hard catch to make. He skied out with double coverage and just couldn't pull it down. The fans let him have it and you could see him rolling his eyes and shaking his head on the way back to the huddle. Not a good sign. He has to just keep playing his game.



Finally, the coaching staff. I am having trouble looking for something intangible that Romeo brings to the Browns as Head Coach. He's supposed to be a defensive guru but he doesn't adjust on defense. He's supposed to be a "player's coach" but he doesn't appear to have a lot of sway with them for now. He clearly sucks at handling his QBs. He is not a very good game manager including a major difficulty with clock management and ball control, particularly at the end of halves. With all that said, I do NOT think he should be fired. I am sick and tired of letting our coaches go after 3 or 4 years. It is my opinion that in order for an NFL coach to be successful they need five years to fully implement their system and plug in a full roster of players that fit their system. The problem with Cleveland is that we are so hungry for a winner (go watch the cavs, best Cavs team EVER this year) that we overreact to failure and don't give ourselves a chance to succeed over the longterm. With that said, if Bill C wants to stab the Steelers in the back and come coach the Browns, FIRE ROMEO! lol

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