Can you say 5-11, Christ here we go again!!!

That's 5-11 if we're lucky! Maybe 4-12.

Sh_tcan DA!  He's worthless, especially at $14 million!  Sure glad he ain't on my payroll.

Give BQ the reins!

Romeo...LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!  Apparently youv'e opted for get out of the way,  'cause you sure ain't LEADING THE TEAM!!!  You stand on the sidelines like a silent buffoon and that has trickled right on down to every player on the team.  Nobody has any fire in them, not even the water boy.  Where is your defensive genius that you were supposed to bring from the NE Patriots?  It's your FOURTH year...all of your personnel changes should be in place and your defense should be KICKING ASS!

How embarrasing to have FIVE prime time games this year because you hood winked the NFL into thinking we had a prolific offense that could score at will.  HaHaHa they bought that hook line and sinker didn't they?

CHUD...What The F?  Jamal gets 12 total carries when he is averaging over 4 yards a carry against the Ravens!   Why didn't he get another 12-16 carries?  Harrison gets a TD on a 19 yd screen pass at the beginning of the second quarter AND HE NEVER TOUCHES THE BALL THE REST OF THE GAME???  What's the matter with you CHUD?  When you find something that works you appear not to do it again.  Almost like you are trying to get the Browns to lose so that you can move into the Head Coach position when RAC gets fired.  It appears there may be some major back stabbing going on in this organization (like Grantham last year).

The Steelers game...OMG!  Every year against our arch rival we surrender to them like we are their little bitch!  I'M SICK OF IT!  If we went 2-14 the season wouldn't be a total loss as long as those 2 wins were against those damn STEELERS!

I give up!  been waiting 44 of my 46 years to see the BROWNS as CHAMPIONS.  At the rate were going I won't see a BROWNS Championship in this lifetime!

Jan 2007 OSU Buckeyes choke in the  NCAA Football Championship Game.

March 2007 OSU Buckeyes choke in the NCAA Basketball Championship Game.

June 2007 Cavaliers choke in the NBA Finals.

July 2007 Columbus Destroyers choke in the Arena Football League Championship game.

October 2007 the Cleveland Indians choke in the ALCS and lose the last three games.

Jan 2008 OSU Buckeyes choke in the  NCAA Football Championship Game AGAIN!

OHIO...just a bunch of CHOKERS!!!


Thanks for letting me vent, I feel much better now!




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