Fan of the opposition's Guide to CBS

Hey everybody-

I apologize for breaking an agreement on the disclaimer when I first signed up for the blog. I'm a Packers fan and a NFC guy for the most part, so I don't have a whole lot to say about the Browns except for sweet colors (my high school in Arlington Heights also boasts the brown and orange color scheme) and the NFL will be a better NFL when some of the "old-school" teams such as the Browns return to the top like they were in the 60s. I was at the last Packers/Browns game at Lambeau when your tight end made the Packers look silly. S-I-L-L-Y. If I remember right, Braylon also made a habit of burning our secondary. Yikes.

The main reason why I'm posting is I'm trying to get some tips and pointers for a possible trip to CBS this season. My friends and I have made it tradition to go to a Packers away game the last few years. After last year's trip to Detroit, we have officially tapped out of the NFC North. This year, we're looking to branch out. We're all fresh out of college, so road trips to Arizona and Tampa Bay, though nice, is outside of our means. After two years of going to domes, I'd like to reserve the Rams for a dark year and when I have no self-respect. That leaves us with two: CBS and Heinz Field. I have always respected the Browns franchise, though not a direct fan. I probably would have joined all of you in some quality Art Modell bashing if a forum existed back then. Anyways, all I ask of you is maybe give me the downlow on what it's like to go a game at your stadium. Rest assured: I keep my mouth shut when I'm a visiting fan and cheer for my team only, so it's not like you're aiding a jerk here. Some of the bigger things I'm wondering about (given its a Saturday/Sunday trip):

  • If I can't get tickets online via Ticketmaster, how is the secondary market.
  • Parking/Tailgating
  • Things to do when its not gametime
  • Any good microbreweries in the area. And not Buzz Beer. I'm sure Drew Carey is to you guys like Jim Belushi is to us.
  • Do's and Don'ts of CBS (outside of the obvious one: DON'T piss off the Pound)

Thanks everyone. Hopefully I'll be in Cleveland sooner than later, as in this season. Good luck this offseason. We both need it.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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