Fantasy GM

I had some down time today, so to kill time I decided to play Fantasy GM of the Cleveland Browns, for this coming offseason.



1st Round: Eric Berry, Russell Okung

2nd Round: Brandon Spikes, Eric Norwood, Terrence Cody , Chad Jones

3rd Round: Colt McCoy, Zac Robinson, Max Hall

4th Round: Jordan Shipley, Kurt Coleman


Eric Berry has been called the next Ed Reed. Brandon Spikes is just a machine. Colt McCoy in the 3rd round would be low risk, high reward. And Jordan Shipley already has his timing down with Colt. Plus, for some reason (I have no proof to back this up) I think Jordan Shipley might be the next Wes Welker.


The other guys are second options; Russell Okung would give our Quarterback, who ever it is, time to make smart choices. At the same time, not giving our Quarterbacks any excuses. Eric Norwood would give us a pass rusher. Terrence Cody reminds me of Shaun Rogers. Chad Jones has just impressed me, and we can use all the help in the secondary we can get. Zac Robinson and Max Hall are more low risk high reward guys. And Kurt Coleman, well I needed to put an Ohio State guy, and he is pretty good.


Free Agents:


QB: Kellen Clemens

RB: LenDale White

DL: Kyle Vanden Bosch

CB: Ellis Hobbs


The 2 main players I would like them to target are Kellen Clemens and Ellis Hobbs, and I think these would also be the most realistic choices. Both are starter material but back ups right now, and will be looking for a place to start. LenDale White and Kyle Vanden Bosch are just players I would also like to see for the Browns that would fill holes that I think the Browns have.


Trade Away:


Derek Anderson and/or Brady Quinn (3rd or 4th Rounder, higher if one of them has a great second half by some miracle)

Jamal Lewis (3rd or 4th Rounder)

Joshua Cribbs (1st if packaged with someone)

Shaun Rogers- only if we get Terrence Cody (2nd or 3rd Rounder)


Cribbs is the player I would be most willing to shop around. That is because he can get the most value. Right now the Browns don’t need a great kick-return man/”Wild Cat” guy. They need an offense that can consistently drive down the field, or a defense that can get more 3 and outs. Once we get one of those then we can start worrying about specialists.


X Factor

Dante Stallworth, what can he do for us or what can he get us. I would like to see him stay. He isn’t an off the field problem guy like Michael Vick or Pac Man Jones. He made a big mistake, he fully admitted and co-operated with officials, and faced his consequences head on. Put him on the field, and see what he can do when healthy, we are going to have to pay for him anyway. Whether he is playing for the Browns or playing for somebody else.

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