Can Tebow work in the NFL?


Can Tebow work in the NFL?

This is a question I have been thinking about for a while. It might be because I am drinking the Tebow Kool-Aid. It also might be because I do not want to pass up on the best leader in the draft. But what would it take for Tebow to succeed in the NFL? I'm sure it is a question that a lot of NFL GM's are trying to answer. So I would like to take my non-expertise knowledge in trying to predict how the Browns would need to act in order for Tebow to make them into a contender.

First the Browns will need to fully commit to creating a system, meaning many if not all of their picks in the first 3 rounds to get players that fit the system. And that system would need to have some aspects that last years Florida Gator offense had. The most important thing they would need is a great offensive line, I think that kind of would go without saying. Next they need the Percy Harvin, "Flex" receiver. The best thing about this is, the Browns already have this in Joshua Cribbs. Also needed is a "Speed" back, something else that I think the Browns have in James Davis. After that a little deviation from the Florida system would be needed, and that would need to be an all purpose back, #1 RB, would be needed. Last thing needed would be a good TE.

Going with our current picks, of course the Browns would need to draft Tebow with their first round pick. Then I think the Browns will need to draft an offensive linemen with their second round pick. With their next pick, whether it is the NY Jets pick being bumped up to a 2nd round pick or their early 3rd round pick, the Browns would need to take RB or another offensive linemen to add depth to that position. They could also draft a TE, if they see a good one. I would rather them not take a RB here, as in vision I have different ideas.

The RB position could be a tricky one. If the Browns used the previous mention pick to get a RB like Toby Gerhart (if he fell this far like Walter Football's mock draft has him), I wouldn't cringe at the fact. Other possibilities at RB could be signing a free agent like LenDale White, or waiting until 2011 to get a RB like Joe McKnight (if he doesn't come out early).

In order to develop Tebow, the Browns will have to keep Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn, as Tebow's mechanical issues will need some time to be addressed. Possibly even keeping both to ensure Tebow is not made a full-time starter unless abosolute disaster hits. To fix Tebow's mechanical issues the Browns will need to hire a very good QB coach. They will also need to commit to the Wildcat for 1 year. This way they can get Tebow into the game for some game expirence, and yet they are not completely exposing Tebow's weaknesses.

The followiing draft the Browns would need to address the missing parts, a Joe McKnight as previously mentioned, or a #1 WR like an AJ Green.

If the Browns decided to do this, there are a few Pros and Cons to this:


1. If Tebow works out, the Browns have a Peyton Manning like leader.

2. Tebows personality and work ethic would go perfectly with Eric Mangini (assuming Mangini is still in Cleveland)

3. If Quinn or Anderson somehow drastically improve while Tebow develops, we might actually be able to get something out of them

4. No more Brady Quinn (Ok this is a personal Pro)

5. If it doesn't work out, the concentration on the offensive line could keep us going in the right direction.


1 Odds are against it working

2. Will be sacrificing developement of the defense


Now I want to make it clear that this is not what I want the Browns to do. But going down the road Tim Tebow's draft prospect will be looked at highly. I personally would like to see the exact opposite done, in concentrating on making the defense great.

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