Browns Draft Radar.... The Line


Mike Iupati will head up the Guards in the 10' NFL Draft 


It is pretty obvious week in and out, the right side of the line needs a serious upgrade. Using common sense, the Browns will not be using a Top 5 pick on the right side of the line. So, we will look at late first and beyond projections that could help the right side of the Browns offensive line, starting at Guard.


Mike Iupati - 6-6 330 lb Idaho Senior Guard is projected to be the first off the board. Plays with good leverage, has great footwork and a nice punch, not to mention that nasty mean streak that comes along with most Samoan football players. Plays with a high motor, does well in pass protection, as well as being a smart football player.

I have found no flaws in Iupati's game. Just questionable talent being played against.

Jon Asamoah - 6-5 315 lb Senior Guard from Illinois is a projected 3-4 Rd pick. Strong at the point of attack, good leverage, smart. amd athletic. Solid run blocker, needs improvement in the passing game.

Zane Beadles - 6-4 315 lb Senior from Utah. Plays both LT and LG. Good speed, athleticism, and power. Just not quick enough to project as an NFL Tackle. His game should translate well to the NFL as he is a very smart player. Late 2 early/mid 3

Mike Johnson - The 6-6 305 lb Crimson Tide Guard could very well become the best G of this draft class. Athletic, smart, good leverage and punch, good footwork, and plays with a mean streak. Not to mention, it is week in and out for Mike, as he is playing against some of the best talent in college football, week in and out. Keep an eye on this guy! Middle 2/early 3

Mitch Petrus - A former Tight End and Fullback, Petrus is easily the most athletic out of the class. Good size, speed, quick feet, and a technician of the position. Mitch is a vocal leader, and expects nothing more than perfection from himself and his teammates. Academics were an issue in the 07-08 season, but it looks as if Petrus is doing much better now, considering he is playing every week. Projects round 2-3

Shawn Lauvao - A bright spot for the Sun Devils, Lauvao plays with strength, mind, and heart. A definite lunchpail type, many NFL coaches will respect this guys work ethic. Projected early as a 7th rounder, I personally have him climbing the boards to no less than a 4th or 5th round pick. Lauvao could become a quality NFL Guard or be the journeyman type similar to Lennie Friedman.


Brandon Carter - Rising up the boards. High motor, former DL turned OG, long arms, good footwork, and a big body for DT's to have to move around. Wears face paint during the games, so likely a nutcase who comes to play week in and out. Most of the transitional lineman (coming from the defensive side of the ball) taste success in the NFL. Keep your eye on the big guard for the Aggies. 5-7 projection


Sergio Render - The 4 year Hokies starter is strong as an ox. Very good run blocker, but needs improvement in the passing game. Could be an interesting project. Looks as if he is a mid round pick, but his lack of pass blocking skills could cause him to fall in April. 4/5 projection


Sleepers (most 6-UDFA with a few exceptions)

Vladamir Ducasse - 330 lb Haitian from UMass will be a steal. Smart, great work ethic, played LT so he will be a good pass protector. For a power run scheme with Vertical Passing, Ducasse will make someone happy in 2010

Shelley Smith -  A bit light, but has all the tools necessary to become successful in either zone or power scheme for an NFL team. Love his athleticism and strength.

Chet Teofilo - Another nasty Samoan, his game should translate well to the next level. Played some Tackle in Tedfords power run system, so he can pass protect, run block, and is very strong at the point of attack.

John Jerry - The guy is huge, not to mention Ole Miss has ranked high in rushing and sacks allowed. Jerry has his name plastered on most all OL award lists, is athletic for his size, and is climbing boards consistently. He faces some of the best DLine talent in college football and could become a very solid G in the NFL.


Reggie Stephens - Lacks good speed and footwork. Late rounder likely

Thomas Austin - Durable, power blocker, good leverage and footwork. Lacks ideal speed, but is a smart/hard worker to make up for his shortcomings.

Casey Bender - Good athlete and technician, lacks strength

Andrew Lewis - Has potential, lacks strength

Marshall Newhouse - Climbing many boards. Most likely a later round depth pick or UDFA

Cord Howard - Lacks ideal speed. Deph pick

Joe Thomas - Climbing boards with seasons performance

Matt McCracken - Small school prospect. Watch closely if you can, he is rising fast.


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