Quarterbacks and Running backs

So, we're at Week 15 and I feel like our QB situation is still a big, fat question mark. Do we let Quinn start another year? Do we take a QB with a first round pick? If not, when do we take one? Or should we take one at all? The only thing I'm sure of is that DA won't be on the team next year (Thank God).

I think these are the most likely scenarios:

1) Give Quinn an entire off season to prepare as the starter. No quarterback competition. Draft some weapons for him, solidify the offensive line, and then see what he can do. If he does not show the capability to be our starter for years to come, draft a QB in 2011.

2) If whoever is in the front office next season (Holgrem as the "czar"? Mangini or another coach?) does not feel 100% sure about letting Quinn start, then we will draft a QB in the 2nd round at the earliest. (We'll take Eric Berry in the 1st if he's still there, which he should be.) The rookie QB and Quinn would most likely have a QB competition, similar to DA and Quinn's. But hopefully it will be handled much, much better.

I would love to say that Quinn will definitely be the starter next year and no QB will be drafted, but I can't believe that. I'm a big Quinn fan, but there's no denying his lack of accuracy and inconsistency throughout this year. Granted, he hasn't had many weapons, but some of the numbers he's put up are unacceptable. I think the Browns will most likely draft a QB somepoint in the draft.

Now, who would we draft? I'd say every QB in this draft is kind of iffy. Jake Locker deciding to stay at Washington really shook up the draft as well. I got the order from the rankings list from Mocking the Draft at the QBs that we could possibly take in the 2nd round and beyond. I'm not saying these are the guys I would choose, but likely possibilities.


-Tony Pike, Cincinnati

-Colt McCoy, Texas

-Tim Hiller, Western Michigan

-Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan

-Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State

-John Skelton, Fordham


-Jevan Snead

He is really the only junior I could see the Browns drafting, but from what I've seen... no thanks.

I think the only two that we would possibly take in the 2nd round are Pike and maybe McCoy. I've always liked McCoy, but I'm not sure about how he'd do in the NFL.

Next is our running backs for next year. This may sound silly after Harrison's beastly performance, but we do need to draft a RB early. I think Harrison could be the 1st string back to start next year, with a rookie getting some carries. It would probably be similar to what Denver's doing this year with Moreno and Buckholter (sp?). I don't know what to think about James Davis at this point.

Now, assuming that we do not take a QB in the 2nd round and wait until the third, here are some of the RBs I could see the Browns drafting in the 2nd round (I don't know the draft stock of all of these players, so I probably put in some 3rd and 4th rounders in here). I have never seen some of these guys play, but I'm basing it off of what websites say.


-Toby Gerhart, Stanford

-Montario Hardesty, Tennessee

-Charles Scott, LSU


-Johnathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech

-Ryan Matthews, Fresno State

-Jahvid Best, California

-DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma

Personally, I'd love to get Toby Gerhart, but I wouldn't mind Dwyer or Best either.

So... what do you guys think the Browns should do about QB and RBs?

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