What to do at QB

Being the single most important piece of the offensive puzzle, the quarterback position is widely critiqued and closely scrutinized. Yet, at least speaking for myself, I hadn't spent much time thinking about what to do at QB for 2010 for two main reasons: we had/have an unknown in Brady Quinn, and the team was so downright awful that to focus on one position would have felt like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Unfortunately, now that we've lost Quinn for the last two games we have every bit of experience with Quinn that we will prior to making any 2010 QB decisions. We'll have to make our futile speculations out of our current data set.


Of course, DA is irrelevant and highly unlikely to be a Brown come 2010. So focusing on Quinn and looking at 2009 stats, Quinn's line isn't gut wrenchingly horrible given his experience level:


Stats Overview Passing
2009 136 256 1339 53.1 5.23 59 8 7 19 67.2
Projected 155 293 1530 53.1 5.23 59 9 8 22 67.2
Career 184 353 1902 52.1 5.39 59 10 9 20 66.8

Yet he's posted a DVOA of only -18.7%, which for the FO uninitiated is quite low, as in below replacement level.

Player Team DYAR Rk YAR Rk DVOA Rk VOA Passes Yards EYds TD FK FL INT C%
B.Quinn CLE -126 30 -140 32 -18.7% 31 -19.6% 259 1,204 1,172 8 1 2 4 52.7%


What's worse is his shortcomings seem to be more related to accuracy than mental errors. Watching him, I've not seem him make a large number of what I would consider "rookie mistakes". What I have seen is him missing throws to all areas of the field, especially mid and deep passes. This is just lay observation, but I'm not seeing the type of QB from whom a large improvement can be expected through experience. It's hard to coach accuracy.

The 2010 FA QB list is depressingly void of realistic improvements. We'll draft high, perhaps even high enough to have our pick of the 2010 QB class. Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen are both potential top picks, is either worth our pick? No one likes the idea of watching poor play while waiting for a QB to develop, but if it has to happen the sooner the better, right?

Without trying to get too deep into the pros and cons of Quinn's game, what should the Browns do at QB for 2010?

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