DBN Fantasy Football Championship - Roger Dorn vs. Chris Pokorny

In the NFL, there are always a few upsets in the playoffs that can lead to unforeseen match-ups in the Super Bowl. In the Dawgs By Nature Fantasy Football League this year, that wasn't the case. This week, the top two seeds, Roger Dorn and Chris Pokorny, will face off for the 2009 DBN Fantasy Football Championship.

For the record, yes, I did feel weird referring to myself in the third person above. Last week in the semi-finals, these were the match-ups that led to the championship match of No. 1 vs. No. 2:

  • Chris Pokorny (#1) vs. Overlord1976 (#4)
    The winner is Chris Pokorny, who defeated his opponent by a score of 118-94. It wasn't meant to be for Overlord1976, who even if he had played his most optimum lineup would've fallen short of victory. One of the bold decisions I made this week was outright cutting Robbie Gould as my kicker and replacing him with Matt Prater. Gould has been my starting kicker in every non-Bye Week game the past two seasons, but the Bears' offensive struggles called for me to take action. I was rewarded with a 16-point effort from Prater.

    Some of my other decisions didn't pay off though, as I left a lot of points on my bench in Braylon Edwards, Maurice Morris, and the Giants Defense. Ultimately, the difference maker was the fact that Overlord1976 only had one touchdown from his three running backs and two wide receivers.
  • Roger Dorn (#2) vs. Bernie19Kosar (#3)
    The winner is Roger Dorn, who surprisingly defeated his opponent rather handily by a score of 99-67. Dorn thought that his decision to leave Jerome Harrison on the bench would cost him, but Bernie19Kosar's team underachieved for one of the first times in awhile. The Chris Johnson factor didn't come through as many people in fantasy football had banked on, and the rest of his players also underachieved; none of his non-RB players had above 8 points, and that includes QB Tom Brady.

Just a fun fact -- if Dorn and I would have played our most optimum lineups against each other last week, the score would've been a 154-154 tie. Interesting.

While the higher seeds came out on top, both teams left a lot of points on the bench. Which team will make the better coaching decisions this week?

View the match-up here.

If you'd like to predict which team will come away with the trophy, please feel free to!

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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