The fate of Derek Anderson. No Poll.

As early as the beginning of the 2009 season I was one of the Anderson faithful who still held hope that he could start for the Browns and look reminiscent of his productive 2007 self.  This season has shown many things to we the Browns faithful, including the inadequacies of Mr. Anderson as an NFL caliber quarterback.  He has poor accuracy and a very limited 'touch' on short passes and quick routes.  His decision making is questionable at best, and he has a tendency to throw red zone interceptions.  Despite all these flaws, I still feel that he could make a serviceable backup for a team due to his strong arm and good size.  And as 2007 showed, he has the ability to look very good when surrounded by talent like Edwards and Winslow (not to mention a running game). 

The question remains, where would he fit in with the Browns, if at all?  Unless he somehow manages to put up incredible numbers over these final two games, it is very likely that the Browns will try to trade him this off season in an effort to acquire proven talent or more draft choices.  What I am especially curious about it where he might end up after this season.  So who needs a quarterback?  Here's my opinion: (in no particular order)

1.  Buffalo Bills - Trent Edwards has been a disappointment again, and the new regime is unafraid to shake things up, like demoting Lynch to a backup role and starting Fitzpatrick over Trent.  Fitzpatrick has been O.K. for them, but unimpressive as well.  They need a quarterback with potential,and  Anderson could be seen in that role by management.

2.  Oakland Raiders - Seems to be the most obvious, logical, and hilarious choice.  Al Davis is likely to jump out of his snuggie at the idea of a new shiny strong armed quarterback to throw to his track stars when he sees Anderson this Sunday.  The Raiders have already tried out Anderson's predecessor as well as his backup (Frye, Gradkowski), so they might as well give the guy in the middle a try.  Theoretically, Anderson may actually play well in fair-weather Oakland with some good deep threats and a solid tight end in Zach Miller and the rest of the RRRRRRRaiders.

3.  Washington Redskins - A team that seems to be just as hard to figure out as the Browns.  Who will be the coach?  What will they think of and do with Jason Campbell?  Campbell has actually played out a respectable season, on a very bad team, but he tends to get a bad rap for his decision making.  The media shows him no love, as well.  This destination seems unlikely, but one could see them taking a flyer on Anderson in camp to push Campbell.

4.  St. Louis Rams - A team with as many question marks as the Browns do, but lucky enough to have an elite talent in Steven Jackson.  32 year old Marc Bulger has been slumping since he arrived, and they seem to be another squad who might take a chance on Anderson given their obvious struggles in the passing game.

5.  San Francisco 49ers - Are they really sold on Alex Smith?  I'm not convinced.  Another team with respectable weapons that could make Anderson look good if he got a chance to win a job in camp.

That's all the viable starting jobs I could see Anderson coming into, as he could backup many other teams.  So what's your opinion?  How will Anderson fare against the mortal defenses of Oakland and Jacksonville?  Where do you think he will end up?   Does anyone actually care?  Sorry, no poll.  Merry Christmas!

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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