My own notes on the Browns' loss to GB

After watching some of the highlights, I'm a little more confident that the Browns will have some upside this year.

My observations:

1) The staff is not only moving Wimbley, but they're teaching him more moves two.

How many times have we seen his shoulder dip? If you watch the pass plays were Wimbley rushes, you'll see him attempt a few club/rip moves to get the tackle off of him. Obviously they didn't work in this reel, but you get the point. Where before he would just chase and chase, he's working on counters that will increase the pressure he creates.

2) Long runs were just bad gap control.

At 0:17, I'm guessing Barton was supposed to be reading the gap that the RB would take. In this one, he guesses wrong and ends up in the same gap as a D-lineman. Our playes are going to have to be disciplined in controlling their gaps and not getting nosy for the ball.

3) Just look who was open!!!

At 3:17 of the video (the Quinn pick) I'm sure that if Quinn wasn't under pressure, he would have seen the wide open Harrison who may have been able to take it in for a TD. Another example of how we're going to struggle if we can't protect the QB.

4) Anderson's Pick

Interestingly enough, it was Alex Mack who has at center when Anderson was picked off (2:17). The Browns used an interesting pass protection for this. The line slides left while LG Eric Steinbach pulls to the right. This was probally used to emphasize play action, but it essentially makes Steinbach the RT as eveyone else slides left a position, including TE Robert Royal, who was on the right side to begin with. Either way, it looks like the RG->C on the play was to blame as the blitz broke through their 'A' gap. Still doesn't change the fact that Anderson could have tried to slide and avoid the rush.

5) Who's covering him?

At 1:47, the Packers run a play that moves both of their backs out of the backfield on delayed routes, one RB+ one TE. Jackson runs with the RB on the flats. Barton steps up to the line, but never really blitzes. My guess is that he was in man coverage over the backfield TE. But he doesn't see him, and the TE makes a big gain over the middle.


There's my two cents worth. I know there's a game discussion topic, but I figured this would be better for everyone to see my list of thought.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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