Browns Training Camp Report: Day 1 (Evening)

WR Brian Robiskie was sharp all around on Day 1, whether it be the morning practice or the evening practice.

First off, as not to push his post so far down the front page too quickly, make sure you check out rufio's breakdown of Eddie Royal's 93-yard touchdown from a year ago against us. Although it was fairly obvious that Sean Jones was in a world of his own on the play, this is the piece I've been waiting a long time to see, and rufio delivered.

If you missed the Day 1 morning practice recap, click here. Also, Daniel Wolf over at Dawg Scooter attended the AM session and posted his thoughts over at his site. There was less to report on in the Day 1 evening practice, but here we go nonetheless...


  1. Run, Run, and Run Some More: In the morning practice, Jerome Harrison, Kamerion Wimbley, Hank Fraley, Alex Mack and Lance Leggett had to run laps as punishment. Maria Ridenour from reports that the laps picked up in the evening practice, with Shaun Rogers, Corey Williams, Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, and Alex Mack being among the players who received one lap. Melila Purcell had to run two laps. I assume there were more players who ran too.
  2. Mack and Anderson: In the evening, Alex Mack was receiving some more work with the first team. There was a fumble on a quarterback-center exchange between him and Anderson; that was the reason they had to run laps.
  3. TD Pitch to the Rookie: Rookie running back James Davis received the ball on a pitch play and maneuvered around the left side to break free for a long rushing touchdown. So far, fans have been saying that both Jerome Harrison and Davis look fast, but I've heard a few fans note a Harrison fumble and a dropped flat pass.
  4. More News is Good News: It's only been two practices, but so far the two receivers getting their name mentioned the most are Brian Robiskie and Lance Leggett. After both of them had a solid morning practice, they came right back with a solid evening session.
  5. Rogers80109_medium Shaun Rogers went up against Joe Thomas in the evening session.

  6. Heavyweight Battle: This one comes from an OBR fan who attended practice:
    "Great one on one battles between [Shaun] Rogers and [Joe] Thomas in practice two. They spent extra time going against each other. Thomas probably came out ahead because of footwork and technique but Rogers is such a force."
  7. B-Mac Breakup: I couldn't find many notes about our cornerbacks on Day 1, sadly. Here's one: in the evening practice, Brandon McDonald reportedly had a nice breakup on a Brady Quinn pass intended for Lance Leggett.
  8. No Pads: From what I gathered, players were in shorts and no pads for the evening practice.
  9. Tricks are for Cribbs: Steve Doerschuk of the Canton Repository noted that there was a trick play involving Joshua Cribbs in the evening practice. Cribbs ended up having the ball in his hands after a double pitch.

Next up is an afternoon practice Sunday. Don't forget that next Sunday, August 9, all fans can enter Browns stadium for free to watch the Browns practice. If they are contacting on Day 1, you can bet you'll see contact then too.

Saturday's Evening Link Collection / Camp Sources

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