4 Ways to Handle the Browns’ QB Situation


Here are a few ways I would like the Browns to handle the QB situation. Post any ways you would like to see it handled.


Note all of these assumptions are under the premise that Derek Anderson will be cut.


1.) Acquire Jason Campbell like player.

            Using the Redskins as the example for this, the Browns’ acquire Jason Campbell from the Redskins. They name Brady Quinn the starter for the 2010 season. This benefits Quinn in that he is finally given the reins of the team for a FULL year from day 1. Giving him all summer and training camp to develop chemistry with his receivers. I’m not a Quinn fan at all, but I also do feel he hasn’t been given a chance to show what he can do. Meanwhile, Campbell is given an entire season to learn a system and if Quinn doesn’t improver, Campbell will for the first time will be given a chance to show what he can do in 2011, while using the same playbook from the previous season. But this scenario also holds true that Mike Holmgrem gets evaluate both players, and if he doesn’t like what he see’s, will have a better chance at McNabb/Kolb (assuming they both stay with the Eagles in 2010), and/or he can go get a Quarterback in the 2011 draft (Jake Locker, Ryan Mallet, and Terrelle Pryor)


2) Keep Quinn, Acquire Kerry Collins like player.

            In this scenario, again Quinn is give a full season to prove himself, but this time he has a veteran leader to guide him. Again this leaves the door open to draft a QB in the much deeper QB draft of 2011.


3) Start from scratch.

            In this scenario, again the Browns get a Kerry Collins like player, but just give up on Quinn, and get any kind of trade value out of him that we can. The Browns draft a Bradford, Clausen, or McCoy in the draft, and have them sit for a year behind the veteran.


4) Go get Favre

            Because why the hell not. Has history with both Holmgrem and Mangini, and maybe he’ll hold a grudge against the Steelers for giving him his first loss last year. In which case I will go against my general assumption of cutting Anderson, and maybe Favre will teach Anderson how to put some touch on the ball. Or maybe Favre will teach Quinn how to not get injured. BTW, just joking on this scenario.


All in all the most important thing will be to know who the Browns’ starting Quarterback is by April 26th (the Monday after the Draft).

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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