Possible third-round QBs not named Tebow, McCoy, or LeFevour

Thinking about who the Browns might draft at QB...





Looking at this draft's quarterbacks, there are 5 who I have seen getting the most discussion. These 5 are Bradford, Clausen, McCoy, Tebow, and LeFevour. McCoy and Clausen are obviously going in the 1st round. The other three might be available when the Browns pick in the third round, although I have a feeling that McCoy and Tebow will be gone. But no matter who's there, let's say the Browns go with someone else altogether. Here are some of the possibilities. The descriptions are what others have written, not my own observations. 

Tony Pike: He's tall, but thin for a quarterback; needs to bulk up. Has average arm strength, lacks zip on some of his throws, might be a product of Cincinnati's spread offense, and had problems with his footwork at the Senior Bowl. On the plus side, he's intelligent, makes good decisions, has great timing, is accurate in short-to-intermediate passes, and has nice touch. Tony Pike's Stats

Jevan Snead: Good size, great arm, quick release. Athletic and can make a play while scrambling. Had a strong sophomore season, but his junior season was very disappointing, with 20 TDs, 20 int's, and a 54.4 completion percentage. Wildly inconsistent; very inaccurate when he's off, great when he's on. Prone to poor decision-making and stares down receivers. Jevan Snead's Stats

Sean Canfield: Left-handed. Is inexperienced, as his only full-time experience came in his senior season. He did have significant playing time in his sophomore season, and struggled, but he had a fine senior year. Has good footwork and mechanics, good pocket passer, played in a pro-style offense, willing to take a hit, reads defenses well, makes good decisions, is accurate on short-to-intermediate throws, has a nice deep ball. Sometimes holds on to the ball too long. One year wonder or a late bloomer? Sean Canfield's Stats

Jonathan Crompton: Greatly improved his accuracy and decision making in his senior season. Has a strong arm and can make all the throws. Throws well on the move, but is not as accurate from the pocket. Durable. Has good mechanics. Still locks onto his primary receiver too often. Jonathan Crompton's Stats

Tim Hiller: Prototypical size and is intelligent. Relatively strong arm; has a good deep ball when given time in the pocket, but sometimes his deep ball will float. The ball doesn't always have a tight spiral coming out of his hand. Is accurate on short-to-midrange passes. Classic pocket passer; experienced in a pro-style offense. Struggles under pressure, faces concern about the level of competition. Might need improvement on footwork. Had a huge junior season but a disappointing senior year. Tim Hiller's Stats

Jarrett Brown: Great athlete, but inexperienced (only one year as starter), and inconsistent with his decision-making, mechanics, and accuracy. Has a great arm and can make all the throws, but is very raw. Jarrett Brown's Stats

Other names: John Skelton, Levi Brown, Max Hall, Ryan Perilloux

NOTES: I didn't know a thing about these guys before I started writing this post. I read several scouting reports on each player, which was frustrating because the reports not only disagreed on the ranking for the players, they also disagreed somewhat on the specific strengths/weaknesses of the players. For example, Scouting News' Draft magazine ranked Crompton as the second quarterback (behind Bradford) and called him a first-round talent (while acknowledging that he is likely to be drafted lower than their ranking). Others have Crompton ranked as low as the 14th quarterback or so. Walterfootball said Hiller and Pike have very weak arms, while multiple others said they have at least average or good arms. So if you have different impressions of these guys' strengths, fine. Most of them had at least one source suggesting a pick as high as the second or third round, with others projecting them lower.

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