DBN Glossary

With the large increase in new members/visitors, likely due to the fast approaching NFL Draft, I thought it may be a good time to offer a brief glossary of Dawgs By Nature terms.  These terms pop up frequently, but may be strange to those who haven't been around long.  I'll list those I can think of now, feel free to add those that you personally like or that I've missed.

Buuuuuuuuuuuhhh - coined by Mooncamping, this is an expression of utter disbelief or confusion.

F@#% You, Go Root for Buffalo - an actual email sent by former GM Phil Savage to a disgruntled fan; used here to express displeasure with someone's comment, but mainly in a humorous and sarcastic manner.

Fairly Hog Certain - being fairly certain of something but in a much funnier way, thanks to a typo by Spidey, who wished to express fairly high certainty.

He's a WINNER - sarcastically used to ridicule the idea that team wins is good evidence of the quality and skill of a particular individual player.

This - simple reply to a comment or post that you like or agree with.

Freaky Flanker - coined, again, by Mooncamping; this is a WR who meets Moon's mysterious size/shape scale.

It's (whatever time) on (whatever date), and Braylon Edwards still sucks - used to periodically remind us of the time, the date, and that Braylon Edwards does in fact still suck.

I stopped reading at Mangina - proper response to any troll or "drive-by" poster who still thinks twisting Mangini into Mangina has some level of wit or humor.

For the love of Joe Thomas, I swear to Joe Thomas, etc. - examples of terms that substitute Joe Thomas for a deity, which has become common practice on the site (for obvious reasons).

Smokescreen - used to express any doubt or skepticism toward a move or decison of the Browns staff; also used to express doubt or skepticism toward comments of any other member of this site.

Maybe you should try - Seemingly polite, yet sarcastic and scathing response to "drive-by", knucklehead posters who make mindless comments.  Example: "WTF?!?! JACK F"N DALHUMME AT QB??!!?! HOCKGREIM MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I"M DUN WITH THIS LOSER TEAM!!!!!; Reply by someone with a fully functioning brain: "Might I suggest you try"

Kotknus(sp) - Accepted and encouraged as the way to spell the surname of former Browns GM George Kokinis; mocks the endless errors made while trying to discuss said executive on this site.  Current czar Mike Holmgren seems to be next in line with such spellings as: Holgram, Hokgram, Holngrem, Holngreim, etc.

Hoheini - One word term used to refer to the current Browns leadership trifecta of Holmgren (Ho), Heckert (he), and Mangini (ini); follows up the one word term of Mankok for Mangini (Man) and Kokinis (kok).

Anyone feel free to jump in and add to these, as I'm sure I've missed some.  I just thought this may be helpful to new members and entertaining for the regulars.  My other idea was a post on who we'd draft at #7... 

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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