Hear me out: The Browns should sign JaMarcus Russell

Yeah, I said it.  Big whoop, wanna fight about it?


Al Davis paid for all of this .

Trust me, I thought the same thing you are thinking right now.

No way freaking way do I want JaMarcus Russell as a Brown, unless it is as a LT.  But I couldn't shake it the thought of it.  Should the Browns take a chance on signing the greatest draft bust of all time?

Yep, and here is how I got here.

First of all, why did JaMarcus fail in Oakland?

I am not going to make excuses for his lack of conditioning and overall apathy towards his job as a NFL quarterback.  That is troublesome.  Could he fix this?  Sure, and he wouldn't be the first QB to need a fresh start in order to start taking his job seriously.  Hell, Brett Favre couldn't stop partying and drinking in Atlanta.  He needed someone to turn his career around.  See where I am headed?

I am not expecting JaMarcus to show up at training camp at 225lbs, but I think that we may see a young kid who got a cold dose of reality.  Oakland is going to cut him and he is going to have to go begging for a job in the NFL.  He will be on his last chance.  I have a hunch that could be what wakes JaMarcus up.

If he looks at this situation and doesn't get his fat ass in shape, then he will be out of the NFL in under two seasons.

As for the rest of his situation, I see it like this; It wasn't all his fault.

Peyton Manning had Marvin Harrison and Edge.

Carson Palmer had Chad Ochocinco and TJ Houshyourmama.

Eli Manning had Plaxico Burress and Tiki Barber.

JaMarcus Russell had Darren McFadden and DHB.

What number one pick got a complete shaft job?


What about his offensive line?

His LT's have been Barry Sims, Kwame Harris and Mario Henderson.

His LG's has been Robert Gallery

His C's have been Jereme Newberry, Jake Grove, Samson Satele

His RG has been Cooper Carlise

His RT's have Paul McQuistan, Cornell Green

In three seasons he has had 10 different starting offensive lineman.  Not only have the been 10 different guys, but for the most part, they suck.  So no weapons, no offensive line and the QB sucks.  Chicken or the egg?  Of course JaMarcus failed.  He was in freaking Oakland.  Who has done anything there since Rich Gannon?  What Raider, other than Nnamdi, has done anything in Oakland?  Are we really going to blame Russell for playing with garbage around him?  Did his back-ups do that much better than him?  

What about the coaching that Russell has played under?

Russell has never had any coaching.  His offensive coordinators have been Greg Knapp and Ted Tollner.  Not exactly the greatest passing minds there.  Two offensive coordinators in three seasons?  How is that even remotely fair to him?  So a consistently fluctuating coaching staff and a horrendous supporting staff.  

Of course, maybe he just sucks.  Good thing he will be cheap.

Why should the Browns sign him?


  • Mike Freakin' Holmgren.  I know he said that he is no longer a coach.  But wouldn't this be his greatest test?  Wouldn't this be the capper on a HOF career?  He could take Russell under his wing for two years, teach him how to play the position the correct way.  Actually try and give this kid a shot.
  • You are probably saying, "Hey moron, we already drafted a QB".  I have already gone over why expecting anything out of a QB drafted after the first round is a really bad idea.  Colt McCoy may be the best QB ever to pick up a football {closes eyes and prays}, but the odds are that he is going to be nothing special.  Russell would give the Browns a plan B.  Best case scenario, Russell lights up preseason and actually makes a trade market for himself.  We are talking about a league where Tyler Thigpen was traded for a draft pick.
  • Signing Russell would give the Browns four QB's on the roster.  Even with the emergency roster spot of the third QB, carrying four QB's is a crazy thought.  Good thing the Browns have a QB on the roster that can play WR.  Let Wallace play some WR while he is the back-up.  Sure it is a gamble, but its not like we are really going to be winning very many games this season.
  • No one has ever doubted Russell's tools.  He has an arm that could be the best ever to be on a NFL field.  He has the frame (minus the tonnage) that GM's dream of.  He struggled at times at LSU, but his junior season was on par with Jimmy Clausen's junior season.  Shouldn't that count for something?  He has the talent, he is just waiting for someone to help him find it.
  • JaMarcus Russell is one month older than Colt McCoy.  That's it.  25 days.  Russell is still a baby.  We have no idea what kind of QB Russell can be.  He still has 12 years left in this league.  Are you willing to put the nail in his coffin before his 25th birthday?  Look at how many QB's struggle early in their careers just to have the light bulb go on later on in their careers?  Wouldn't Holmgren be the best person to try?
  • Who cares if he shows up lazy and fat?  If he comes in and keeps up with the slack ass ways, cut him.  Send him packing.  Adios.  No skin off our back.  We go into the season with Delhomme, Wallace and McCoy.  You could even structure his contract in a manner that he doesn't get paid unless he makes the team.  No pressure on the Browns, make JaMarcus earn it.  It would give us a good idea on whether or not he plans on busting it.


I'm not saying that it would be a good signing.  It could be a Maurice Clarett like blow-up.  But the talent of Russell and the genius of Holmgren is, in my opinion, to powerful of a possible combination to pass up. 

What do you think Brown fans?  You in on Russell?

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