REMINDER: SB Nation Cleveland Launch Party @ Great Lakes Brewing Company, TODAY

NOTE: This is a reminder that the launch party/fan meet-up is tonight from 6-8PM at Great Lakes Brewing Company on W. 25th and Lorain. If you'd like to attend and meet some fellow Cleveland SB Nation fans, come on down! Don't forget to RSVP:


So, you know that post we had up a few days ago that promoted the fact that the Cleveland meet-up would be held at Fat Heads in North Olmsted? Well, SCRATCH THAT! The meet-up will now be taking place at Great Lakes Brewing Company. Why the change? There are two very important reasons. First, our new location should be able to accommodate the East Siders (and even the West Siders) better. Second, who would've wanted to party in a Pittsburgh franchise, right?

Those who want to attend need to RSVP below so we know how many people to prepare for! Please RSVP now if you plan on attending!


Note: Even if you can't attend the event, please still click the link above and just choose the option that says you can't make it.


Meet Up in Cleveland, OH

To celebrate the launch of our new regional site, we would love for as many of our die-hard SB Nation Cleveland fans to attend a meet-up at Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland on June 17th from 6-8 PM:

  • What: Cleveland Launch Party Meet Up
  • When: June 17th, 2010 from 6-8PM
  • Where: Great Lakes Brewing Company, 2516 Market Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113

Here are your food and drink specials: $1 off draft beer  ½ off pizzas!


A Reminder of What We're Celebrating:

I'm sure by now that you have heard that SB Nation began launching regional websites last week, such as SB Nation Chicago. Next week, SB Nation Cleveland will launch on June 17. I'm excited about the launch of the site, not only because I will be contributing content for it, but because the concept is one that I proposed several years ago, even before Fear the Sword (our Cavaliers site) came around.

To see the evolution of SB Nation over such a short period of time is remarkable. SB Nation is receiving recognition in the mainstream media business outlets, such as from the Nieman Journalism Lab, the New York Times, and an especially interesting article from Dan Shanoff.

There might be some confusion as to exactly what the regional sites are intended to accomplish. First off, the most important thing to understand is that they will not replace the die-hard team-specific content that you will find on a Dawgs By Nature, Fear the Sword, or Let's Go Tribe. Instead, I believe the regional site is intended to appeal to the casual fan -- the one who might visit or ESPN daily to get a quick snapshot of what's going on in Cleveland sports.

The regional site will provide that snapshot. In addition, it will also feature content from the individual blogs to provide them with more exposure.


This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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