Unofficial DBN Fan League (FULL)


Welcome to the Unofficial DBN Fan League for Fantasy Football. This is for anyone who loves fantasy football and is also active on Dawg's By Nature, but didn't get the opportunity to play in the official league. The Unofficial league will be ran on Yahoo! Sports with the default scoring system, and (hopefully) a live draft! The league's main page can be found here:

The current date for the live draft is set to Sunday, August 22nd @ 9pm. (Sundays seemed to work for the official league across the board, so I was hoping for the same here.) But this is subject to change if most want it to. By the way, I'll be keeping Yahoo! default settings that make it so the draft order is electronically randomized approx. 30 minutes before the start of the draft. 

I will be active commissioner for the league, but the power is still in the hands of the players as a whole. Trade veto's will be done by league-wide vote, and any action I make is entirely visible to every player. 

I also plan on having occasional write-ups about the state of the league and fantasy football in general every so often. There will definitely be a playoff preview as well as a season re-cap. 

If you're interested please leave a comment below. WE ARE NOW FULL. Slots will be first come first serve, and several have already expressed interest. Currently the maximum is set to 14, but if demand is low, we will settle for less. Remember, this league is completely free, and you will be playing for only bragging rights, but who doesn't love bragging rights?

After you've been selected, I'll email you the password as soon as I can, and when your team is created I'll add your name to the list:

1. Simmsinns - (simmsinns)

2. Drexel Dawg - (Drexel Dawg)

3. skipkirk - (Aussie Browns)

4. Brownie's Year - (The Buckeye Brads)

5. SpecialBrownie - (The SpecialPeoples)

6. brownsboy14 - (Shadowrunners)

7. Joey_D - (Y-Town Dawgs)

8. bross09 - (RandallPFloyd QB)

9. doggrad87 - (Husker's_Hounds)

10. The Brown Note - (The Brown Note)

11. the irish chop - (irish chop!!)

12. StuckInPa - (London Silly Nannies)

13. Kimble_79 - (WV Brownies)

14. Browns town - (Stonehands Edwards)

UPDATE: We have now completely filled up the 14 available slots! I've got to say I wasn't expecting but was happy to see this good of a turnout, and this quickly. If you didn't end up making it in, I do apologize. I didn't want to make it any large than 14 because it generally gets very hectic and high-draft-pick dependent after that. Usually teams after 8-10 end up screwed, while teams 1-5 are entirely reliant on 1 player. 


If you have any questions or comments whatsoever (i.e. scoring, drafting, scheduling ect.), let me know. Plenty of this is subject to change if there is a large enough request for it. 

Lastly, active players only, please.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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