DBN Fan League: Draft Recap




Like I mentioned before, the online live draft through Yahoo! Sports was a huge success. We had all 11 out of 14 teams show up which is a great turnout. We had a lively discussion as well as smack talk (which is what fantasy football is all about) throughout the hour and a half it took, which seemed to fly by, other than the occasional team that decided to use all two minutes of their clock time for a pick, but we all ran it down a few times. Overall, it seemed pretty much everyone enjoyed it, is happy with their team, and is ready to get to the real fun!

But, before we reach that fateful Thursday evening on September 9th, here is a recap and analysis of the Unofficial DBN Fan League fantasy football draft 2010...




 1. Browns town - (Stonehands Edwards)


              Key Players: (1) Chris Johnson, (28) Matt Schaub, (29) DeSean Jackson

Potential Sleeper: (113) T.J. houshmandzadeh

Led the Seahawks in catches and yards last season, and as Burleson left, he is likely to do so again. Also, trying to fix the formatting for this area made me want to gouge out my eyeballs...

 Browns Rep: (196) Phil Dawson

  • With the first overall pick, BT is already in a great position. In a 14 man league, Chris Johnson alone can carry this team, but he topped it off with fantastic fantasy players at the other key positions as well, in Matt Schaub and DeSaun Jackson. Picks like Michael Bush, Dwayne Bowe, and Ricky Williams are more of question marks, but not bad ones. This is one of the best first three picks in league, and the team’s an early favorite.
Favorite Pick: Matt Schaub. Considering I had number 1 overall, I really wasn’t in a position to get a sure fire elite QB, but if Schaub stays healthy, he should put up elite numbers.

Most Upsetting: I was primed to pick Massaquoi (I think he’ll put up 1000 + yds this year) at the end of the 10th, Drexel Dawg snagged him from me 5 picks before. I knew it was coming too, should have picked him in the 9th.

Thoughts: I feel like I’ve got one excellent player at each position, but not enough depth anywhere. But then again, this is a 14 team league so depth is very hard to come by. Overall, I am pleased with how it turned out.



2. Kimble_79 - (WV Brownies)



            Key Players: (2) Adrian Peterson, (27) Pierre Thomas, (30) Cedric Benson

            Potential Sleeper: (86) Mathew Stafford


            Stafford has a ton of weapons to throw to. Best, Burleson, and Scheffler join Johnson all as good or great receiving threats.

             Browns Rep: None :(

  • This team was auto-picked. With the number 2 overall pick, I feel this team could have been much better. Adrian Peterson could save this team, but I think the first 3 picks on RBs was a mistake in a large league like this one. If having question mark like Mathew Stafford at QB wasn’t bad enough, the receiving core certainly shows why Pierre Thomas might have been a bad pick, Percy Harvin and… Devin Hester. Ouch.
Favorite Pick: Favorite pick is definitely Adrian Peterson

Most Upsetting: Very disappointed with my QB selections, but can’t complain considering I wasn’t present

Thoughts: I really wish I could have made it to the draft. Some choices I would have went with, but there are several I would have not done. I plan on being active in the FA market and doing some possible trades as well.



Megatron_medium  3. StuckInPa - (London Silly Nannies)

            Key Players: (3) Maurice Jones-Drew, (26) Calvin Johnson,                  (31) Jahvid Best

            Potential Sleeper: (138) Carnell Williams


            Ended the season well last year, having zero expectations. Averaged 5  yards per carry in 3 of his December starts.


            Browns Rep: None :(


  • This team was also second auto-picked. I think the auto-pick feature did a much better job here, perhaps due to well placed pre-draft player rankings? MJD is the real feature of his offense and his ceiling has the potential to be the #1 fantasy RB. Top that off with Calvin Johnson, a solid or even great WR if his stats catch up with his talent. Jahvid Best could turn out to be very nice as well. The obvious negative is investing Detroit. Cutler at QB might be decent if he stops turning the ball over.


4. Joey_D - (Y-Town Dawgs) Nfl_u_pickett11_600_medium           

           Key Players: (4) Ray Rice, (25) Larry Fitzgerald, (32) Greg Jennings

            Potential Sleeper: (60) C.J. Spiller


            Amazing raw skills, running a 4.37 forty. He is versatile and explosive, so he owners will enjoy his all purpose yards.


            Browns Rep: (116) Montario Hardesty


  • Ray Rice was an absolute fantasy force last season. If he manages to improve his rushing yards, and still catch 70 passes, he’ll be well worth it. Sure, Larry Fitz lacks a legit QB but I still expect good things. And Jennings is sure to improve in that Packer offense. I really like Kolb to possibly put up an early Rodgers-like performance, but 53 overall might be high. I also really like Spiller in the other RB slot. I really like this team.


5. the irish chop - (irish chop!!)

            Key Players: (5) Michael Turner, (24) Beanie Wells, (33) Tom Brady

            Potential Sleeper: (145) Demaryius Thomas


            This guy was a beast in his final year in college. Denver hopes he’ll eventually replace Brandon Marshall.


            Browns Rep: (117) Cleveland DEF/ST


  • With the 5th overall pick, this is where I see a drop off in the absolute best value picks. I could be wrong if Turner plays all 16 games and gets carries in the high 300s like 2008, but I’m not confident. Still, solid at worst. Beanie Wells is a bigger question, but could put up decent numbers. Tom Brady is still a solid QB, but don’t expect 2007 numbers. The WRs on this team though, are pretty weak. Garcon could be decent at best, and Santana Moss… not two guys you’d want as your starters.
Favorite Pick: Getting Tom Brady & Matt Ryan, I feel as though I have strength in the QB area that allows for matchup flexibility.

Most Upsetting: I too am leary of Turner, but I am hoping he returns to beast mode with Ryan making folks respect the pass.

Thoughts: general thought / final comment: I took a flyer on a lot of potential, which I think you have to do, a guy may be great one year and shite the next (insert DA). You have to find those sleepers, especially in a 14 team league. I think Roy Williams is gonna have a great year, Jermichael Finley will immerge as an elite TE, and Dixon could see some good work with Coffee gone. Lastly, Brownie D all the way, this year they are gonna be smacking fools upside the head and having pick-6 parties on a regular.



6. Drexel Dawg - (Drexel Dawg) Marques-colston-fantasy-football-dud_medium


           Key Players: (6) Frank Gore, (23) Ryan Grant, (34) Marques Colston

           Potential Sleeper: (118) Terrell Owens


            I’m as little a fan of T.O. as the next guy, but to be honest, he could really bounce back in this Cinci offense.


           Browns Rep: (135) Mohamed Massaquoi


  • This team is pretty solid for drafting in the middle. Frank Gore could be solid, and Ryan Grant might be a steal at 23rd overall. Colston is a legit number 1 receiver as well. Brett Favre could be fantastic again, but with Rice to miss half the season and Harvin with constant migraine issues, his threats are limited. Witten and Maclin are also great additions and a value at their respected picks, 62 and 79.
Favorite Pick: Being able to get MoMass in the 10th in a Browns fan league.

Most Upsetting: Not taking one more RB.

Thoughts: I ended up w/ a well rounded team…excited to see what McCluster brings to the table w/ the flexibility as a WRor RB.


Andre-johnson_medium7. Simmsinns - (simmsinns)

            Key Players: (7) Andre Johnson, (22) Rashard Mendenhall,                       (35) Jonathan Stewart

            Potential Sleeper: (119) Devin Aromashodu


            In the final 4 games last season, only starting in two of those, exploded for 282 yards and 4 TDs. He could end up being Culter’s go to guy.


            Browns Rep: None :(


  • I was pretty disappointed to be in the dead middle, but I tried to make the best of it. I feel I got the best WR in league in Andre Johnson. And considering we’re all Browns fans, Mendenhall was avoided for awhile. I think he’s sort of a steal, falling to 22, but I feel a bit wrong. I was hoping to strengthen my RB core with Stewart as well, taking goalline carries. At that point I was simply trying to get as many points out of each pick as I possibly could, getting Gates, Nicks, and lastly Celek for the flex.
Favorite Pick: Sadly enough, Mendenhall. I think he'll get me the most points relative to where he was taken.

Most Upsetting: Not taking Kevin Kolb with my 4th round pick. I though he might fall to me at 5, but I was wrong, and end up with McNabb.

Thoughts: Personally, I think I'm in the top 5 teams if I had to rank them now.



8. doggrad87 - (Husker's_Hounds)Aaron-rodgers-mustache_medium

         Key Players: (8) Aaron Rodgers, (21) Miles Austin, (36) Thomas Jones 
         Potential Sleeper: (105) Laurence Maroney
        This one might be a bit more of a stretch with backs like Morris producing out of NE as well, but I’ll be honest, there’s not a lot of candidates for this team.


        Browns Rep: (133) Peyton Hillis


  • For being the 8th pick this team is pretty solid. The best QB with Aaron Rodgers and potentially the best WR with Miles Austin. The running backs are not ideal, but they’re not bad, Thomas Jones might get a big role in KC, similar with Barber in Dallas. I also like Crabtree’s potential to be the guy in San Fran and Tony Gonzalez at TE might be a great value. Overall, I see this as the best all around team in the latter half of the draft order.


9. The Brown Note - (The Brown Note)

            Key Players: (9) Drew Brees, (20) Roddy White,     (37) Joseph Addai

            Potential Sleeper: (104) Steve Slaton


            If he could get out of the dog house by no longer fumbling, and play at 100%, we’ve seen what he can do.


            Browns Rep: None :(


  • The Brown Note definitely had a very… interesting draft strategy. It appeared he was present during the draft but stayed quite. Drew Brees could be great to carry this team. Roddy White was also a very reasonable pick, but not sure I’d take him over Austin. After that it was strange. Six RBs in a row, and questionable ones at that, Felix Jones, Bradon Jacobs, Clinton Portis, L.T., and lastly Steve Slaton. It could pay off if just 2 of them repeat numbers they’ve had a few years back, or if his next receiver, Vincent Jackson explodes after coming back from suspension


10. brownsboy14 - (Shadowrunners) Peyton-manning_medium

           Key Players: (10) Peyton Manning, (19) Shonn Greene, (38) Steve Smith NYG

            Potential Sleeper: (103) Dez Bryant


            He was considered by many to be the best WR in this year’s draft, and could easily oust Roy Williams for the 2nd WR spot in Dallas.


            Browns Rep: (150) Evan Moore


  • Here’s another pretty well rounded team. Peyton Manning is still Mr. Consistent and if Shonn Greene meets expectations he’ll great as well. Considering the position, Steve Smith is a pretty good pick, especially if he gets more targets than Nicks. Sidney Rice would have been a steal with Favre coming back, but it was just announced Rice had hip surgery and is likely to miss half the season. I also like Zach Miller now that he has an actual QB.
Favorite Pick: I was happy with my skill positions like Peyton, Greene, and Steve smith. I also liked my miller pick b/c of the fact oak. has a qb now.

Most Upsetting: I was disapointed at seeing rice injured, and I hated the Reggie bush pick. I was also disapointed w/ the fact that my starting rb, and qb had the same bye week.

Thoughts: My overall outlook is preety positive. I felt that picking the consistent starters was a great way to possibly put up some points. I think that if smith has another great season, Greene meets expectations, and if Peyton can stay healthy and excellent, I might be able to do well.



11. bross09 - (RandallPFloyd QB)

            Key Players:  (11) Steven Jackson, (18) Brandon Marshall, (39) Knowshon Moreno

            Potential Sleeper: (151) Alex Smith


             Last season he finally showed flashes of what you might want to see from a former number 1 overall pick. With Davis and Crabtree, he’ll improve again.


            Browns Rep: (179) Brian Robiskie


  • If Steven Jackson can actually get in the endzone, he’s probably a top 5 or even 3 RB in the league. However, being on the Rams, that’s not easy. Marshall could be great, if his transition is seamless. Moreno should improve, especially if he gets more carries. Ronnie Brown at 46 overall could be an awesome steal, but only if he stays healthy, which many don’t expect. Eli Manning isn’t a first tier QB, but is a legit starter. Hines Ward and Johnny Knox with later picks, I’m not so confident with.
Favorite Pick: Possibly some of my depth picks. I liked picking up alex smith late and think he could possibly start putting up starter numbers at QB in fantasy. i also liked picking up cotchery late. Yes, the team got Santonio, but he will miss 4 games and is still likely going to be the 3rd option. Cotchery has been on the team since the beginning of sanchez’ time there and I think their chemistry improves, plus I don’t see his targets dropping.

Most Upsetting: Maybe Ronnie brown or waiting too long on a QB. Ronnie brown was an accident pick, but it could pay off in a risk/reward scenario. I also wasn’t in love with Eli manning and would have liked to get a better QB and should have taken it a round early instead of getting a 2nd WR in Hines.

Thoughts: I like my draft. No elite guys at positions, but no slouches either. Maybe QB could end up sucking a bit, but he is still starter caliber. At every position, I am at least above average (including D). I think I excel in depth however and have a lot of depth pieces that could really pay off if they work out (like Robiskie, Alex Smith, and Ronnie Brown).


12. skipkirk - (Aussie Browns) Philiprivers_medium

           Key Players: (12) DeAngelo Williams, (17) Randy Moss, (40) Philip Rivers

            Potential Sleeper: (96) Malcom Floyd


            Finally put up some decent numbers last season, and now that Vincent Jackson’s situation is still uneasy, he could be the first receiver in San Diego.


            Browns Rep: (101) Ben Watson


  • What Skipkirk did here with the 12 pick was fantastic. DeAngelo Williams is still a really great RB, with the only detractor being Jonathan Stewart. Randy Moss will likely continue to put up great receiving numbers. Great picks with Philip Rivers at QB, then LeSean McCoy, now that he has the lead role in the Eagles backfield. He also managed to pull Mike Sims-Walker at 68 overall, who really came on later last season. Forte could bounce back, and Sproles will be a steal if Mathews doesn’t turn out. Floyde, McFadden, and Golden Tate, are all just amazing value picks.
Favorite Pick: No favourite pick. I think I made the most out of what I had given I didn’t like the draft position.

Most Upsetting: I kept holding out for a tight end. I hope I don’t regret it. Cmon Watson!

Thoughts: My whole team is made out of sleepers. Something’s gotta give. Good luck to everyone not playing me on any given week.



13. Brownie's Year - (The Buckeye Brads)

            Key Players: (13) Ryan Mathews, (16) Jamaal Charles, (41) Joe Flacco

            Potential Sleeper: (128) Braylon Edwards


            Well, I suppose that if he actually catches the ball, which is unlikely I know, but he has the potential… I guess he could do something.


            Browns Rep: (97) Jake Delhomme


  • The smack talk didn’t exactly translate immediately into success for BY, accidently taking Ryan Mathews and Jamaal Charles. Personally, I think they could absolutely lead this team to great results though, but that’s not certain. I’m not huge fan of the Flacco pick that early, and despite the arrival Boldin, expect the Ravens to primarily run the ball. Steve Smith (CAR) might be good if Moore or Clausen turn out. With Wes Welker, you’d just have to hope he gets back to 100% as soon as possible. Lastly, I think we are all vastly disappointed with just the fact that Braylon Edwards was drafted.


14. SpecialBrownie - (The SpecialPeoples) Tony-romo-is-pumped_medium

           Key Players: (14) Tony Romo, (15) Reggie Wayne, (42) Jerome Harrison

            Potential Sleeper: (127) Chester Taylor


            If Forte doesn’t produce they might look to give Chester a lot of carries, but his secret fantasy weapon lies in his nice pass catching skils.


            Browns Rep: (42) Jerome Harrison


  • Last overall can often be a tough place to be, and I think that’s shown here. The Romo pick seemed early, but Reggie Wayne is consistently worth it. Harrison will be amazing if he continues with the way he ended last season. Just needs to avoid putting the ball on the ground on those rainy days. Clark could easily be the best TE in the league. I see Donald Driver definitely on the downside of his career. Ahmad Bradshaw could turn out to be best back in NYG, but they still split the carries a lot. The late pick, Bernard Berrian could turn out to be fairly solid with Rice and Harvin having health issues. 
Favorite Pick: Getting Wayne and Clark. Clark is basically a 4th WR for me on gameday. Awesome Pointage.

Most Upsetting: Picking people with so many byes on the same week. I’ll have about 2 weeks where I have to go in a spot empty, with another spot having a lackluster player. I think I’ll still pull out okay though.

Thoughts: I came out W/T/R heavy, which I like; gives me lot of options. I like my Romo pick also; the dude slings i t with big targets in Williams, Bryant and Witten with an elusive WR in Austin. I think I’ll have a strong QB.


That last thing I wanted to add, as some of you already know, are the thoughts from each team on their own draft. If you could please leave in a comment each of the following: 1. favorite pick, 2. most upsetting move, 3. general though / final comment. Then I'll add it to the post, below your team.

Here's an example of mine: 1. Sadly enough, Mendenhall. I think he'll get me the most points relative to where he was taken. 2. Not taking Kevin Kolb with my 4th round pick. I though he might fall to me at 5, but I was wrong, and end up with McNabb. 3. Personally, I think I'm in the top 5 teams if I had to rank them now.

The entire draft results can be found HERE. (large jpg)


And, I'll leave you with this...


This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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