The Six Worst Quarterbacks Of Week 1 In The NFL

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 13: Mark Sanchez  of the New York Jets gets sacked by Haloti Ngata  of the Baltimore Ravens during their home opener at the New Meadowlands Stadium on September 13, 2010 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Week 1 of the 2010 NFL season has completed.

This is the one week every fan has hope because their team is in first place until the game ends.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has made his league promote the quarterback position to the level of Demigod.

Even with all of the rules that coddle and cajole the quarterback to success, not all do so.

Here are a few miserable performances in Week One.


Jake Delhomme, Cleveland Browns

When you are a rebuilding team in the best division in the NFL, there are very few games you are expected to have a great chance at winning.

Cleveland strolled into Tampa Bay and lost 17-14 to the lowly Buccaneers.

The Bucs are not expected to win many games, and their starting quarterback had an injured thumb on his throwing hand as well.

Delhomme helped them out by tossing two interceptions and gaining only 227 yards on 20 completed passes.

This is the kind of play that forced the Carolina Panthers to rid themselves of him. Delhomme should expect the “Dawg Pound” to call for Seneca Wallace very soon.


Matt Moore, Carolina Panthers

Moore had a horrible 2010 debut as the Panthers quarterback.

He spent his Sunday in the New Meadowlands Stadium running for his life virtually every time he wanted to pass.

The New York Giants played a horrible game, yet won easily by a 31-18 score.

Moore tossed three interceptions, and it should have been more in “performance,” as he went 14-33 for 142 yards, one touchdown, and four turnovers.


Kevin Kolb, Philadelphia Eagles

Kolb went into 2010 under intense scrutiny as the guy replacing Eagles legend Donovan McNabb. He did nothing to change the concern of the Eagles fans and put himself right into a new quarterback controversy with Michael Vick.

Philadelphia played flat with Kolb under center. They couldn’t block, catch, or run with him at the helm, and even lost two starters for the season.

He suffered a concussion himself, after completing just five of 10 passes for a paltry 24 yards.

When Vick came in, the team was inspired and put up 17 points in their 27-20 loss.

Of course it helped the Green Bay Packers had backed off some after building a 20-3 lead, but it was quite apparent that Philadelphia played with more heart under Vick.

Now Kolb will not be cleared to practice until Friday, perhaps giving Vick another golden opportunity to win the starter’s job.

Stay tuned.


Mark Sanchez, New York Jets

With all the bluster of the New York media and the Jets head coach Rex Ryan, the team’s fans cannot be too shocked at the performance of a guy who tossed away 20 balls in a run-oriented offense last year.

Sanchez, who was drafted fifth overall last year despite having only one full season of college football under his belt, tossed 10 completions for an abysmal 71 yards in their 10-9 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Jets fans can only hope he never again has any more games where he leads the team to six first downs and a 1-13 third down performance.


Alex Smith, San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers had high hopes for Smith when they made him the first overall pick of the 2005 draft. He has struggled since that moment, yet the team recently named him captain as well.

He rewarded them by failing to get his team in the end zone in their 31-6 blowout loss to the rebuilding Seattle Seahawks. Though Seattle’s offense was far from impressive, Smith tossed two interceptions while getting just 225 yards on 26 completions.


Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings

The media loves to spin this yarn on how Vikings players went to Favre’s house to beg him to play in 2010.

If this is true, it may have been a waste of time and money.

Others think the Hickocrite put himself ahead of the team again, eschewing training camp with his teammates.

The lack of preparation showed in the Vikings’ 14-9 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Not only did Favre throw for an unimpressive 171 yards on 15 completions, but he added to his all-time record for interceptions by one.

Perhaps Father Time has finally caught up on the soon-to-be 41 year old who was seen hobbling around in the loss.

Vikings fans can only hope Week 1 was an aberration, and Favre will play close to his 2009 form soon.

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