2-14 in 2010....You better believe it !!!

A Dummy's Guide to 2-14 in 2010


After watching the Browns completely fall apart in the second half of Sundays game against the Chiefs I came realize that the gloom reality of the Browns 2010 season now is going to be 2-14.  Of course it begs the question of how I came to that reality and I will explain. 


FIRST THINGS FIRST : Fire Eric Mangini RIGHT NOW.  At this point going into the season, Im sure this organization had a short term goal of winning the first two games and playing diciplined consistent football.  OBJ #1 -  FAIL   OBJ#2 - FAIL.  The Browns not only lost the first two games to teams that they should have beaten, they played awfully, especially in the second half when teams are supposed to have made adjustments and played better.  There is no point in keeping Mangini any longer because he will be fired eventually after you hear what I have to say.


LETS LOOK AT THAT SCHEDULE :  Only in the AFC North does a 5-11 team get a schedule this tough mainly because possibly 3 out of the top 6 teams in the AFC reside in the brutal North.  Just our luck...WOW.  Now how the 2-14 happens. 


Tampa Bay - L  (No second half, mistakes)

Kansas City - L  (no second half, mistakes)

Baltimore - L (Ravens are mad, and we cant run the ball...QB play hasnt been good enough)

Cincinnatti - L  (Great D now has an offense with many weapons)

Atlanta - L  (Did anyone watch what they did to the 3-4 D of the Cardinals)

Pittsburgh - L  (Here comes Big Ben back first game..just our luck..we dont get so lucky this year)

New Orleans - L  (this game screams 34-10 Saints...doesnt it?)

Bye Week - This is probably when Eric Mangini gets fired at 0-7

New England - L  (As long as Bill and Tom are still there...we lose)

New York Jets - L  (Rex Ryan is seen laughing out loud on TV as Jets cause 5th turnover)

Jacksonville - L  (If this one was at home, then I give it to our such luck)

Carolina - W  (Holy cow....the first win of the season comes here, Carolina can run but Moore is SO BAD)

Miami -  L  (Dolphins are playing well...good D and Henne can actually throw..B Marsh dont hurt neither)

Buffalo  -  W  (The only team really worse than us this year...thanks Buffalo!)

Cincinnatti - L  (we cant beat em...darn it!)

Baltimore - L  (Defense scores two TD's for Ravens here.)

Pittsburgh  -  L  (in the cold...playing for nothing with new coach coming soon..Browns lose.  0-6 AFC North)


Please really let this schedule sink in and you too will see how this is not only possible, but probable.  So in your comments, please put who you think the Browns will pick with either #1 or #2 pick next year and why.  Who will the coach be...I say Chucky... (Jon Gruden).  Lets go Brownies....



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