Mangini Supporter or Not!!!!! Hats off to Tom Heckert!!!

I have to say that Mangini really grew on me over the last year. Maybe because I am so accustomed to having losing seasons. I liked Mangini, Loved Rob Ryan and Hated Dabol. I have read a lot of varying opinions today, that

have 2nd guessed Holmgrens decision. Lets look at the positives that will help us for years to come.

Colt McCoy- I personally cant see bagging on this kid for 2 bad games against 2 great defenses. He showed poise and great intangibles. He has the whole team believing he is the QB of the future. Im sold. Half his interceptions this season bounced out of the hands of our receivers. There should be a stat for that. INTS that were well thrown. The kid has balls and heart. Way more than I could say for last year.

Peyton Hillis- The most exciting RB to don a browns uniform since Kevin Mack. His style of play is symbolic of our fans. Except the one that tackled the 8 yr old Jets Fan!

Ward and Haden-----These guys will be the Frank Miinifield and Hanford Dixon of the future. Great rookie seasons from both. I was pissed with our Haden as our first overall pick. shows why I am a fan and Heckert is making personnel decisions. These picks were right on.

Fujita- He was missed in the last part of the season. Reminds me of Clay Matthews...SR not JR..(Manginis first mistake not taking Clay Jr) Great Leadership great passion for the game.

Ben Watson- Showed why he was a patriots 1st round pick! Will be critical in next years offense.

Hats off to Heckert. He made some greats adds. I look at the Eagles and Heckert pretty much built there whole team. They are young fast explosive and kicking ass. I hate to concede this but even though I have been a die hard browns fan since 1980 (8yrs old) Mike Holmgren knows more about football than me.

Mikes first hire was Tom excited to see the next hire. All we can do is have a little faith.

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