Shurmur: The Aftermath of the Raiders Game

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 16: Head coach Pat Shurmur of the Cleveland Browns shouts at a referee during their game against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum on October 16, 2011 in Oakland, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

I picked a bad day to be busy, because the trade deadline certainly was eventful earlier, even if it did not result in any moves for the Cleveland Browns (not including the waiving of running back Armond Smith). Today, I will try to have the following posts: this one about Shurmur's press conference from Monday, a game ball award post, and a post summarizing the trade deadline. Time permitting, I will probably have to push my game review back to Wednesday. [Read full Shurmur press conference transcript; highlights after the jump].

(On if McCoy has the ability to audible) - "Yes, absolutely and he did audible yesterday."

(On if he thought about using a timeout to slow things down after recovering the onside kick) - "No, we gained seven yards on the first play and then we had three incompletes.  We had plenty of time in the huddle to get plays called.  Had the clock been running of course we would have used them, but I don’t think there’s anything strategically different there."

(On if McCoy was having trouble getting the plays in at the end and are the plays scripted for a two-minute drill) - "No, we have a list of plays that we use and I don’t think he was having trouble getting the plays in.  We got the plays off and run on time.  We got the first one run for seven yards to Cribbs.  Seven yard gain on the smoke screen and then we had a throw to Greg Little, which was a play he knew.  Had another throw on third down that went to Benjamin Watson and then the last throw went to Mo (Mohamed Massaquoi).  They were all plays that he knew and because the clock was stopped we had the ability to call them from the huddle."

(On the Raiders fake field goal) - "We sold out on the play and that’s my responsibility to make sure. It was a 53-yarder, he was 5-of-6 from that range, we pushed and we didn’t cover.  It was a look we hadn’t shown either so it was obviously surprising to us that they had a fake called, but it was a good job on their part.  My responsibility to make sure that gets covered."

(On if a player got out of their lane on Oakland’s kickoff return for a touchdown) - "A player got out of his lane and they were a team that they’re kind of a bounce return type team.  We got out of our lane and over played it and they nailed us."

(On if Cribbs assumes more of a special team’s role would that take away from him playing wide receiver) - "No, I think we put our best players out there every time we can whether it’s special teams or offense. I’m glad he sees himself and I know he’s a dynamic special teams player.  We’ll give him every opportunity to make plays."

(On if he would put Cribbs on coverage teams and still have him on offense) - "Absolutely, I’ll put him out there the whole game (joking)."

(On the situation with Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh) – "I didn’t see that.  I was made aware of it though.  I don’t know.  Again, it’s emotional. This is an emotional game.  The handshakes are harder for the team that lost.  I didn’t see it.  I don’t know what was said, I don’t know what was perceived.  I’ll leave it at that."

(On if he will be thinking about that next week against the San Francisco 49ers) – "I want to shake hands with a victory."

and one more good one...

(On being told in the press box that Hillis was not injured) – "Who said that?  My trainer told me that Peyton Hillis had a hamstring injury only to be used in emergencies.  That’s what my trainer told me.  So, I don’t know where you got or where?

Thanks, Cabot.

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