Fantasy Football Feature – Wk. 7


Welcome to Week 7 of the 2011 NFL season, and the latest edition of the Fantasy Football Feature. If you’re not yet familiar, this is a fantasy football mash-up open thread. Feel free to throw out any sit/start troubles your having, or any other fantasy football related questions, thoughts, ideas you might have or even have live trade negotiation.

Week 6 Big Surprise Performers:

For a player who's 96% owned, Ahmad Bradshaw still managed to do something pretty surprising. Prior to this week, he was fairly consistently scoring around 10 fantasy points a week. This time around, he made into the endzone 3 times, rushing for 104 yard, dropping a total 31.00 against Buffalo. The only other real big surprise performance came on a team that has had long running WR issues, something Browns fans are all too familiar with. But this week, Devin Hester caught 5 passes for 91 yards and a TD. The x-factor came on a 98 yard kick return touchdown which awarded him another 6, for a total of 21.10 fantasy points. Overall, it was a pretty slow week for fantasy football scoring. 

Working the Wire:

When there is a slow week in fantasy scoring and not many surprises, generally that'll lead to a slow week on the wire. Keep in mind, owners vary in every league so some of these guys are going to be harder to grab than others. The UDBNFL waiver wire, for example, is still fierce. (*The ownership percentage is going up on these guys every minute, so they are not exact.)

  1. Cason Palmer (Oak-QB-00.00) - Owned in 13% of Yahoo! Leagues - DEEP - The absolute biggest news of the day was Palmer being traded to the Raiders. This is huge for any of those leagues where every starting QB deserves a roster spot. 
  2. Billy Cundiff (Bal-K-60.00) - Owned in 37% of Yahoo! Leagues - MUST - Unless your kicker is a sure thing, by fantasy standards, you need to try to make a claim on this guy. Odds are, he's averaging more than your current starter.  
  3. Dallas (DEF-40.00) - Owned in 54% of Yahoo! Leagues - DEEP - With the slower waiver wire this week, some might be able to afford playing the match up for this plug-n-play defense. Rob Ryan's Dallas D takes on the putrid St. Louis Rams

Fool’s Gold:

  1. Ronnie Brown (Det-RB-1.80) - Owned in 12% of Yahoo! Leagues - DEEP - In a really strange deal with Philadelphia, Detroit traded for Ronnie Brown. But, despite Jahvid Best's issues, I just don't see Brown having a significant fantasy impact. 
  2. DeMarco Murray (Dal-RB-9.40)Owned in 16% of Yahoo! Leagues - DEEP - With Felix Jones out at least 3 weeks, a lot of fantasy owners are reaching for his potential replacement. He's definitely not a long term answer, but playing against the Rams helps for one week. 

Unofficial DBN Fan League Standings:


Good luck in Week 7!

*Scores mentioned in the article are based on the Yahoo! Sports default settings, utilized by the Unofficial DBN Fan League. 

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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