Week 5 Picks

Last week was another bad week for my picks as I finished 8-8.  The weekend looked like it was starting out well for me but I had 4 of my teams -- Buffalo, Dallas, Philadelphia, Arizona -- blow 2nd half leads (some of them very large leads) which really hurt.  I also foolishy picked Oakland to upset the Patriots while ignoring the fact that they have a terrible secondary, which is pretty important when facing Tom Brady.

Four members had a much better weekend as Aussie Brown, discoinferno083, Jshep12, and CraigD all went 13-3.  The overall leaders are BinkDeBook and badrat with 48 wins followed by Jshep12 and Henry Dawg with 47.  This week the schedule drops down to 13 games as 6 teams have byes (including the Browns, of course).

Philly at Buffalo -- Eagles.  This is a very big game, as the Eagles really need to win this one to get their season back on track and Buffalo wants to prove that it's really a playoff threat after losing their first game last Sunday.  The Eagles are the more talented  team and Vick will make enough big plays to win.

KC at Indy -- Colts.  The Colts have been playing tough the last few games and are due to finally get a win.  The Chiefs seem like a good team to get that victory against.

Arizona at Minnesota -- Vikings.  I could really see either team win this game, as they both have talent and have lost games this season that they probably should have won.  Hopefully the Vikings have learned that once you get a lead they should just keep giving the ball to Peterson.

Seatlle at NYG -- Giants.  Easiest game on the schedule to pick and a lock for any Survival League if you haven't used the Giants yet.

Tennessee at Pittsburgh -- Titans.  Big Ben and Mendenhall are both injured and their status is up in the air for the game.  The Titans showed against the Browns that they have a great O-line which is giving Hasselback time to throw.  Right now the Steelers defense isn't stopping anyone and their O-line is a sieve so I see the Titans winning this game.

NO at Carolina -- Saints.  But Cam Newton and the Panthers keep it close.

Cincinnati at Jacksonville -- Bengals.  Cincy may be a better team than many people thought they would be entering this season.  They've got a good defense and Dalton has been playing pretty well for a rookie.  

Oakland at Houston -- Texans.  Houston is missing Andre Johnson but they have other weapons on offense that can step up for this game.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Raiders won but I think they'll come up a little short.

TB at SF -- Bucs.  The 49ers have been one of the surprising teams after the first month but I think Josh Freeman makes enough plays to get the win for the Bucs in this battle of 3-1 teams.

SD at Denver -- Chargers.  Look at this, the Chargers have actually started out the season well for a change!

NYJ at NE -- Patriots.  The Jets can't pass and the Pats can't defend the pass -- this is what people call a battle of the resistible force v. the movable object.   The Patriots are looking for revenge on the Jets for knocking them out in the playoffs last year and they won't lose this one at home.

GB at Atlanta -- Packers.  The Falcons really need a win to keep up with top of the NFC but it's going to be tough to get one against Rodgers and that offense.

Chicago at Detroit -- Lions.  The big surprise team of the year gets their chance to show off to the nation on MNF.  The Bears will put up a good fight but the Lions will get the narrow win.

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