Week 9 Picks

I apologize for missing my post last week so I want to give props to the winner from the past two weeks.  For week 7, the best performers were DaveDawg09, Large Russians, and SBP with 10 wins followed by a bunch of people with 9 wins.  Last week two members reached 11 wins, discoinferno083 and BrownsFan@theBeach, with five more people at 10 wins.  I've been continuing my mediocrity with 7 and 9 wins the past two weeks.  Our overall leader is still badrat with 85 wins, BinkdeBook is right behind him at 84, then CraigD has 82 wins followed by four people at 80.  On to the picks for this week!

Cleveland at Houston - Texans.  Houston may be missing Andre Johnson again but it may not matter; Hillis was hurt again today so the Browns may be down to their 4th and 5th string running backs on Sunday.  If McCoy doesn't have a good game then we won't keep it close.

NYJ at Buffalo - Bills.  This is a big game for two teams fighting for a probably wild card berth or possible AFC East title.  The Bills have already knocked off the Pats so can they do the same to the Jets?  I think so.

Seattle at Dallas - Cowboys.  Dallas need to bounce back after getting throttled by the Eagles last Sunday night.  Seattle is a good team to face coming off a game like that.

Atlanta at Indy - Falcons.  Suck for Luck!

KC at Miami - Chiefs.  Suck for Luck 2!

TB at NO - Saints.  These two teams always play good games but the Saints are angry after losing to the Rams last week (and I'm angry that they knocked me out of my Survival league).

SF at Washington -- 49ers.  Another eastern time zone game and another win for the Niners.

Cincy at Tennessee - Bengals.  Dalton and Green keep rolling.  Drafting Dalton and trading Carson Palmer for a 1st and a 2nd may be the move which turns around the Bengals franchise -- but I hope not.

Denver at Oakland - Raiders.  Tebow has looked good for 1/2 a quarter and terrible for 7 1/2 quarters in his two starts.  That's not promising.

NYG at NE - Patriots.  How many times will we see the David Tyree catch during this game?

St. Louis at Arizona - Cardinals.  Battle of 1-6 teams.  Not much else to say.

GB at SD - Chargers.  The Packers will lose some time and I'm guessing this is where it happens.  The Chargers need this win after blowing the game against the Chiefs on Monday night.

Baltimore at Pittsburgh - Steelers.  Steelers are at home and looking for revenge after their opening week blowout against the Ravens.  I don't see them losing this game.

Chicago at Philly - Eagles.  The Eagles on Sunday night finally looked like the team many fans expected to see this season.  I think they keep it up this week against the Bears.

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