Unofficial League: Playoff Preview


It's that time again! The fantasy football playoffs begin this week for the Unofficial DBN Fan League. Two of the league's top teams last season ended up as the bottom ranked two this time around. London Silly Nannies and Husker's_Hounds, both coming off 2010 playoff appearance, suffered abysmal records this season due to injuries, underachievers, and a general lack of effort. New UDBNFL entrant, golan, dealt with the Simms Syndrome (circa 2010), where as he scores a ton of points (third in the league), but has the worst fantasy luck. Outside of that, the Unofficial league was pretty competitive throughout, battling for playoff positions up until the bitter end. The final standings are as follows:


After finishing in the admittedly utterly embarrassing dead last 14th position in 2010, I set out for some sort of vindication this season. Not even I had any indication that my team turn out this well. Especially after having lost my very first pick, Jamaal Charles, who I nabbed fifth overall. I lucked out, however, with my next 5 picks all being major hits. I essentially rode their success, along with a few key waiver claims, to this point. That said, I'm bit worried that the my future is more grim.


1. Simmsinns (simmsinns) vs. 4. WV Brownies (Kimble_79)

I'm extremely worried about the match ups here. While I love Drew Bress' situation taking on Denver (assuming god doesn't intervene), but that's just about the last thing I like. I think WV has a key advantage at RBs, arguably the most important position in fantasy football. I'm forced to cling to the hope that all of Brady's throws are to Welker, which is pretty unlikely. An earlier slam dunk acquisition, Laurent Robinson, has lost value with the return of Miles Austin. The biggest issue is the fact that Matt Forte will be missing another week. I have had some miraculous games this season, a victory here would be yet another on that list.


2. RandallPFloyd QB (bross09) vs. 3. Colt's Cowboys (brownsboy14)

This could be a really close game. From a match up standpoint, both teams have different various advantages. For QBs, Big Ben has been up and down, but never scoring less than 10. Not nearly as frustrating as the Eagles and Mike Vick. Mike Wallace is a nice piece to cancel out much of Ben. I like the RBs better on Colt's Cowboys. Having 3 backs is always good, and Lynch, a surprise this season, even better, despite tough defenses. I always prefer a RB in that flex position, but Dez Bryant is actually a solid start. Overall, I think RandallPFloyd is in a slightly better situation but, it could really go either way.

Good luck to everyone playing in the playoffs! Don't forget, if you're one of the teams that just missed the playoffs, you might have made the consolation for, uh, lesser bragging rights.

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