Why drafting a Stud RB isn't worth it

So I was thinking about how everyone keeps saying that Trent Richardson should be drafted early and the NFL draft, and passing him up would be bad. Thinking about it, I realized something ... when was the last time that a Stud Running Back helped a team win the Super Bowl? I had a hard time recalling a Stud RB on a winning team in the recent Super bowls, so I brought up the history of the super bowl winners, and the rosters/stats of the SB.

I'm also taking into account that 1-2 good years of a RB is not a stud RB. But that seemed to only apply in very select cases.

  • 2011 – GB – Running back in the playoffs was Starks, who didn’t show up until just at the playoffs, and wasn’t really the force in the SB.
  • 2010 – NO – again not really a Stud RB team (Reggie is not really one, nor can you say Pierre Thomas is one)
  • 2009 – PITs – wasn’t a stud RB that got them the win (Fast Willy, don’t think so)
  • 2008 – NYG – Don’t see this as a Stud RB winning it for them at all (Brandon Jacob is not a stud)
  • 2007 – IND – Um RB? they have one? (Addai is not a Stud RB)
  • 2006 – PIT – Okay we can make the Argument that Bettis is a Solid RB, not sure if a true Stud RB – but he is the closest I’ve gotten to right now
  • 2005 – NE – Not really a stud RB here (Dillion was on his last legs, not sure I can call him stud or solid at this time in his career)
  • 2004 – NE – Not a stud RB here
  • 2003 – TB – Michael Pittman – not a Stud RB
  • 2002 – NE – not a stud RB here
  • 2001 – BAL – Jamal Lewis – Here is a stud RB, but really this was the Defense winning it
  • 2000 – StL – Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk…. Here we’ve got a Stud/HOF Running… Probably THE Stud. But also have an awesome Warner, and lots of talent.

So over the last 13 Super Bowls we have:
1 – HOF RB (Faulk)
1 – Stud RB (Jamal Lewis)
2 – Solid RB (Jerome Bettis)

1 - Use to be solid/stud (Dillion)

1 - Not to bad (Pittman)

So why would you draft Trent Richardson early? It doesn’t appear that a Stud RB wins Super Bowls over the last decade.

A Stud RB wins Fantasy Football, but doesn’t seem to get you the big prize in real life.

So I do not see the reason to draft a RB early in NFL Draft, it doesn’t do much for you team in reality.

Sure we'd all love ADP or MJD but they are not helping there teams get to the Super Bowl and win it.

So what does everyone else think of this assessment?

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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