Keep McCoy, or Draft Another QB?

I was half-tempted to type "...or Draft Another Bust?"

Anyway, I've been away for a few months doing my Navy thing, and upon returning to the NFL world a couple weeks ago I've found out that just like every other QB we've had in recent history McCoy is getting a large part of the blame regarding our poor offensive production. Even my guys, the Common Man and the Torg on 97.1 The Fan, are talking about how terrible McCoy is. Yes, the QB is the centerpoint of any kind of offense, but do we really need to give up on him now and draft yet another QB such as Matt Barkley with our 1st overall pick?

O-Line injuries haven't been as bad this year as they have been in the past, but certainly missing Eric Steinbach at LG is hurting us. Thomas is still a beast, but that left side is noticably weaker on pass protection when normally that's the rock of our line. This is evident by how many times Colt is getting sacked this season. The percentage (6.3%) isn't as bad as last season (9.4%), but throughout the league he is tied as the 5th most sacked QB this season at 29. There are other QBs like Roethlisberger, Alex Smith, and Rodgers who are being sacked at a similar rate, but they all have strong defenses and offensive playmakers to make up for it unlike us.

We've said it all year I'm sure, but I'm going to reiterate it anyway: we're playing with a new coaching staff with a new offensive scheme in a year where there was virtually no off-season to practice in these new changes. Aside from the 8 games of pure NFL experience last year, Colt is practically a rookie this season having to learn on the fly. Yeah, so we've seen QBs like Cam Newton and Andy Dalton play pretty well this season with even less time to prepare, but the difference for them is that they've got playmakers around them like Steve Smith, Jeremy Shockey, and DeAngelo Williams in Carolina and A.J. Green, Jermaine Gresham, and Cedric Benson in Cincinatti. Who do we have? Massaquoi, Watson, and then Hillis who has only played in 6 of our 12 games so far this season. We just don't have the talent to support McCoy with all the changes we've encountered this season.

And our biggest issue I feel is that the little talent we do have isn't even living up to being average at best. Massaquoi is supposedly our #1 WR and he only has 265 yards and 1 TD this season. Even though he missed two games this season that is just pathetic! Greg Little has done well for a rookie who missed a year of college experience. He leads the team in reception yards with 513, but he's our worst culprit at dropping the ball. According to Mary Kay, Little has dropped the ball 6 times in the past two games and 11 times this season. It may not seem like a huge margin, but with an average of 10.3 yards per catch Little could be roughly at 626 yards instead of 513. Benjamin Watson, who's supposed to be the most consistent receiver on our team, is 2nd behind Little with 7 dropped passes.

Individually, McCoy is suffering the worst with all these dropped passes. We lead the league with 35 total dropped passes. That means we average just under 3 dropped balls a game. In a game of inches, that could be the difference of sustaining drives and scoring TDs instead of seeing all those 3-outs on Sunday. Now I know realistically a dropped ball is bound to happen from time to time, but if our receivers didn't drop any passes this season that would bring Colt's completion percentage from the 57.7% that it is now to 65.9% (almost 10%!). With 10.2 yards per passes completed his total passing yards would go from 2524 to 2881. And looking at his TD/INT ratio without any adjustments he's certainly improved from the 6/9 last year to the 14/9 this year. His 76.9 QB rating looks mediocre, but if our receivers could simply learn to catch even that alone could have led us to maybe a couple more victories on the season. Instead of one Braylon Edwards on the team we have 3 or 4 of them.

So if it were up to me instead of wasting yet another draft pick on another QB I would like to see us take the top WR available with our 1st overall pick, either the next best O-linemen or LB with our 2nd 1st round pick, and either the unselected position player I just mentioned or a RB with our 2nd round pick. What do you think?

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