A Panther Fan's Perspective on the Browns/Steelers Game

Panther fan here! just wanted to give a few opinions after not only watching the game, but reading some comments in the post-game thread! :)

i'm a cleveland indians fan... love sizemore and carmona and choo... all of them! i watched every single summer game of 2009, and my mom lives in columbus, so i know of the MASSIVE wealth of talent in the loacl team (clippers?). i hope the young players can come back strong, after learning of the happiness of the beginning streak, and the danger of losing at the end. great future there as long as they can keep their heads on right!

the browns... ehhhh... it is much more difficult to get the warm and confident feelings here. i think in the first round, you guys DEFINITELY should take griffin if he's there. i've watched most of the baylor games (bad defense, so he basically carried the team to their wins). i think barkley will stay at USC with kalil, and i'm rooting for them to get the championship game. but griffin will really put a spark to your offense (considering how much i followed Cam at auburn, and very much so supported him before and after the draft, i think i have a tiny, TINY bit of say on the talk of game-changing quarterbacks). he actually has better stats (more yards and less INTs) than Andrew Luck!

this game... i don't know if the steelers suck, or the browns did a great job, but i expected SO MUCH MORE of the steelers. i expected a 31-10 score, honestly. at the beginning of the year, i had them (steelers) against Green Bay in the super bowl again (had the packers winning). now, i'm not even sure if they'd be able to beat denver. new england and pittsburgh would lose to green bay, i'm sure of this. i've revised it (and you'll all hate this) to ravens vs. packers, the greenies winning.

the defense played great. you guys should be very happy. Carolina was very similar to this in 2010: great defense, an offense that struggled to stay in the game. there is light for the future, and that's not two or three years down the road. colt mccoy (though i loved him coming out of the draft) is not the answer, but the answer might fall into your guys' lap ;)

lastly, what a bunch of assholes from the steelers blog. it says a lot about someone who decides, that rather than celebrating with friends, going to the bar and getting drunk, whatever... instead of al that, they go on the opponents blog and talk crap. where are their friends? their pride? they had nothing to do with the game. nothing. they didn't play, they didn't coach; they sat their fat asses on a couch and yelled like jackasses. i'm sorry that morons like riddlah and all them harassed, they obviously don't have a girlfriend or someone who helps their self-esteem. (think about that... i'm willing to predict most have no girlfriend, or otherwise would actually be with them)... anyway, i'm sure Riddlah's mom is very proud of the stunning young gentleman he's become :\

go and watch the panthers in 2010 (especially the game against the browns which we lost by a missed field goal). you guys will feel better about yourselves. the rivalry will spark anew soon, i do not doubt this.

enjoy your week and the holidays!! :) hope to see you guys in the super bowl in a couple of years!

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