Around the AFC North (2/13): The Steelers and Willie Colon

DALLAS TX - JANUARY 31: Willie Colon #74 of the Pittsburgh Steelers wears the Michigan State jersey of teammate Flozell Adams while arriving at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on January 31 2011 in Dallas Texas. The Pittsburgh Steelers will play the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV on February 6 2011 at Cowboys Stadium. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

In today's edition of Around the AFC North, we take a look at Steelers free agent offensive lineman Willie Colon, what the mock drafts are saying about who the Baltimore Ravens should select in round one, and another Bengals receiver who gave Carson Palmer a vote of confidence.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Bringing Back OL Willie Colon

Should the Pittsburgh Steelers bring back offensive tackle Willie Colon for next season? Behind the Steel Curtain thinks so, and here's why:

The Rooneys are savvy shrewd businessmen, but they're also unwaveringly fair. Colon has three things going for him. He's (1) provided a remarkable ROI to the organization...(2) been a product of unfortunate circumstances (CBA + freak injury) after proving that he'd gotten over his early growing pains and was ready to play at a high level consistently...(3) proven to be locker room gold and one of the team's more popular well-respected guys.

Baltimore Ravens: What the Mock Drafts are Saying

We have taken a close look at what some of the mock drafts are saying about the Cleveland Browns, but what about the Baltimore Ravens, who pick much later in the draft? The further you go down, the more variability you see in the mocks.

Of the three websites investigated, the player the Ravens would take in the first round is one of the following:

  • WR Titus Young
  • WR Torrey Smith
  • DE Cameron Heyward

Do these selections seem like wise fits for Baltimore?

Cincinnati Bengals: Simpson Wants Palmer to Stay

When given the opportunity, Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson flourished at the end of the season with Carson Palmer. The young receiver wants to see Palmer remain the team's start next year, and he is also excited with the supposed direction that Cincinnati's offense is headed in:

"I'm not going to give it all away," said Simpson after his first session, which he characterized as an informal meeting with receivers coach Mike Sheppard. "The only thing I'm going to give away is it's going to be wide open. We're going to use the personnel and the talent we have. I can see it already and we haven’t run a play yet. It's getting set up that we're going to use everybody on this team at every position. From tight ends to wide receivers to running backs."

Just like we didn't give the Cyclone formation away too, only to never use it, eh?

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