Quinton Carter Scouting Report


Quinton Carter is a great all around safety with a nose for the ball.  He is a guy that can play SS or FS, but is fast enough and skilled enough to play Free Safety in the NFL, which we would need him to play.

6'1'' 212lbs.  

Free Safety Oklahoma

2+ year starter

2nd Team all Big-12 as a Junior, Thorpe Award Candidate, Recipient of Wooden Citizen Cup (named for John Wooden), named to the Allstate Good Works team

Career Stats:  229 Tackles, 5.5 TFLs, 8 INTs, 13 Pass Breakups

Projected Round:  Early 2nd (most mocks I see have him going a few picks after our pick



Quinton Carter is a Jack-of-all-trades Safety.  He is a very solid tackler who likes to play up in the box and make the big hit, and is also solid in coverage.  He has very smooth change of Direction.  He is fast when he needs to be and can cover a lot of ground in centerfield. Decent in man coverage for a safety.  Very good closing burst, whether it be playing man coverage reacting to a pass or in pursuit of a ballcarrier.  He is a very aggressive player in run support, never giving up and chasing plays from sideline to sideline.  Solid hands and reaction skills; recording 8 Interceptions and 11 pass deflections as a 2 year starter.  Smart player who understands coverages.  Incredible intangibles.  Leader on the field and in the locker room.  Received awards for his great community service work.  Tends to be a big factor in meaningful games.



He is a bit tight in his hips, and doesn't have great body control.  Also tackles too high which can lead to broken tackles and occasionally H2H hits.  A bit inconsistent; can make a big play then may blow a coverage.  In coverage, does not play the ball enough, instead plays the receiver.  Not as big of a playmaker in coverage as he could be; rarely gambles and rather goes for the big hit than the game changing play.  He is a bit thin in his frame, especially in his lower body and could benefit from some bulking up in the weight room.  His upside is a bit limited considering he is not a superior athlete.


Why the Browns should draft him:

He is a very versatile player who could fit most schemes we would run.  We definitely have a hole at FS, his more natural position.  He is a smart player who understands the game and can make an immediate impact.  He is maybe the most complete safety in the draft; Rahim moore is your classic centerfield safety and has better ball skills than Carter, but does not play the run as well.  Drafting carter will give us 3 great young players in the secondary who are fundamentally sound players.  There's no harm in taking a guy who also has extremely high character.


Why the browns shouldn't draft him:

He does not have elite speed or athleticism for the position.  With a guy like Ward, we may want a centerfield-type safety.  We have bigger needs at this point, especially in the front 7.  We can find a CB to start opposite Haden and move brown over to FS; which may make a lot of sense considering how Brown is slowing down a bit.    

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