Perspective of the Browns from a Bengals fan

Hello Browns fans, Bengals fan here.  Normally I wouldn't post on other teams' blogs, but I have a seemingly minority opinion of your franchise and Mike Holmgren's strategy over in the Jungle and was wondering what your views were on the topic in which my fellow Bengal fans heavily disagree with me on.  Obviously, at this point, we're both on a similar level, though I feel one of us is headed in one direction and the other is headed in the opposite.  Unfortunately for me, IMO, it appears you guys are headed upward, whereas we may be headed back to the remain in the sewers.

Over on CincyJungle, I published a string of fanposts, starting with my analysis of the Steelers franchise and why they've remained dominant continually over the years, "Breaking down the broken Steelers".

I then published a follow up fanpost, "Build for 2012 (and beyond), where I provided a strategy, involving the use of next season as a "rebuilding"/"experimental"/"developmental" year to get us on the right track.  Essentially, it involves shedding a lot of the veteran players and building a strong base of young talent who would have a vast amount of experience in 2-3 years.  From then on, we would continue to build a strong foundation for our team through the draft, predominantly building our team from the ground up as opposed to trying to add to the top every year.  This way, players would be gradually incorporated into the system over years and replace starters who had either aged out, got injured, or demanded too much money - instead of relying on rookies and FA's to immidiately contribute to an unfamilar team.  And a strong focus in the drafts would be linemen and linebackers - as opposed to skilled positions, including QB's.

While doing research to support my strategy, I noticed there was one team that seemed to be attempting this same approach - and it is of course your team.  Personally, I think what Mike Holmgren is doing with your team is genius.  He's building the lines (right now, you probably have the best left side of an offensive line, LT-LG-C), picked up a cheap power RB who's getting it done, recently parted with a lot of your older veterans, and are developing a third rounder as a QB - thus avoiding the price and dedication required for a first rounder, who could potentially fail and set back your franchise 5 years (in your case, guys like Tim Couch and Brady Quinn; in ours, Akili Smith and David Klingler).

Now, the major sticking point with most of my fellow Bengals fans when reading my post, was the QB strategy, which they heavily disagreed on.  So, in response, I published a fanpost, "The low round Quarterback", where I provided reasoning (including a lot of references to Mike Holmgren) for avoiding high draft picks on QB's and going for mid-late rounders.  Surprisingly (at least to me), there was nearly unanimous contention and I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I'm unknowingly smoking crack or something.


Anyways, since you guys are seemingly banking on a third rounder (I assume you are still committed to Mccoy?), I was wondering what your thoughts on Holmgren's strategy are, which are in strong contrast to the general opinion of the CJ bloggers.  To read my post on the QB's, just click on the linked title of it in the above paragraph and it will sell the Browns to the Canadian Football League take you to it.  I would love to hear your viewpoints on it all.


Hang on Sloopy,

Blue Steel (no relation to that team from Pittsburgh)

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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