Questions about draft depth...

I think there is a consensus around DBN that the top two needs to be filled in the draft are pass rush and wide receiver. The question I have is about our needs and how position depth in the draft work together. 

First lets consider all of our need (in no particular order):


  • Pass rush: Without drafting a pass rusher the Browns can't generate enough pressure on opponent QB's like Big Ben and Peyton Manning (who we play in '11) to stop them from making plays. 
  • Wide Receiver: Without a deeper threat at WR we lack the ability to stretch the field against strong run defenses (ie. Pit, Balt... ). By drafting a WR we give Colt a better opportunity to show us his stuff and make plays. 
  • O-lineman: Without drafting a sold OL opponents pass rush will continue to break apart the right side taking away the precious time Colt could use to gain confidence by making plays. 
  • 4-3 Personnel: I'm not really sure who's in and who's out but we'll need to make changes in order to be effective and the best way is to draft. 
  • Defensive Back: We might want to consider another CB since we don't know how much slower Brown will be in six months. 
  • Quarterback: There is a chance we might want to pick up a backup QB since Delhomme is probably gone and I have a feeling that Seneca won't stick around too long behind Colt. 
  • Running back: We already have a rookie RB in Hardesty, do we rely on him to back up Hillis or look toward a healthy RB in the draft?
The question is how do the best players available in the draft fit with our needs? I haven't payed very close attention to college ball and I'm wondering who our top candidates in each of our needs are as well as if there is a specific class that has a lot of depth in the draft where we might be able to wait to fill some needs in order to get a stand out in another class.  More directly: Which classes have depth? Who are the stand out players in each class? Can we pass on the elite players in a deep class to fill a need in a class that has only a few attractive prospects?

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