With the 6th Overall Pick - the Browns don't Select Von Miller or Prince of Bel Air

This is my second draft prospect profile that I hope meets the intent of what Chris intended.    My rule is that I have had to see a full 5 games of the player and have seen him in person, so because I don't want to bore you with another Longhorn profile - this is it.    I will give my (very) amateur perceptions of Von Miller and Prince Amukamura, and as a tease why I will be slightly disappointed if one ends up in Orange and Brown.  Because I think that Bowers, Peterson, and Fairley will be gone, and that I will experience the personal heartbreak of AJ Green going in the top 5 as well - there is almost a full 50% chance that Prince or Von Miller will be Cleveland Brown.  First let's look at how each player fits into our draft needs and priorities:

Browns Draft Needs vs. Prince and Von Miller

  • The Browns need of a dynamic pass rusher and playmaker in the front 7 is right up there with the "home run" hitting WR as the Brown's most critical need.  And Von Miller is a sack monster - a pass rush demon that just loves to get after the QB.
  • IMHO - the CB position is also a tremendous need for the Browns - call it a 1B type of deal.  While we struck gold with Joe Haden, Sheldon Brown seems to be aging very quickly, and I have doubts that he will be super effective in 2011.  Eric Wright is a free agent, and he had the type of year where we wondered if he played more like Brandon McDonald or Ronald McDonald.  So personally, I will not be surprised or disappointed with a CB in the first round.

There is alot to like about both guys:

  • First, both are class acts, true "green sticker" guys that Mangini would have loved.  To me this is an important attribute, as these type of players tend to get every shred of talent out of their physical gifts.  And both are stud athletes.  To use a Longhorn reference, think Vince Young body with a Colt McCoy head.
  • Both are proven, tested, productive collegians in the Joe Haden, Florida Gator mold.  Effective starters for a couple of years.  Played in some big time games, making big time plays.

So Tell Me About Von Miller - 6-3" listed between 237-243 lbs, Hybrid DE/LB - University of Texas A&M

  • First of all, we are talking one of the College game's sack menaces.  The guys is sort of freakish, completely ripped, and has flexibility, strength, motor.  He will go to muscle beach and kick sand in the face of whoever he wants and take their girlfriend.
  • He led the nation with 17 sacks as a junior, was a first team all Big XII selection, and an all American.  This despite an Aggie "sieve like" defense.
  • In 2010 he came back with 10 more sacks, again was recognized with All American and Big XII honors.  So we have a guy here that has more than 32 sacks in his college career.  Probably can count those guys on your fingers.  Only Terrell Suggs has more than 40.  Other names that have over 30 are Dwight Freeney (less than Von), Shaun Phillips, and our own Matt Roth.
  • He was the Butkus award winner - best linebacker in the nation.  Again, all this recognition on an Aggie defense that probably doesn't have another NFL player in its 2 deep. 
  • Von made a ton of money at the Senior Bowl.  He was the consensus most outstanding player there, in practice all week and in the game as well.

Guys sounds like a stud - why don't you want him?

  • First of all, I will be interested to see his official measurables at the combine.  Is he really over 240?  Is he really a full 6-3"? 
  • Secondly, and this is nitpicking - but he is primarily a pass rusher.  I think he will not be suited for the Browns 4-3.  I think he will be a better fit in a 3-4 where you can blitz a much higher percentage of the time.  I wish he made more plays besides sacks.  In 2009, when he led the nation in sacks with 17 - he had a total of 48 assisted + solo tackles.  Lets do the math, when he wasn't sacking the QB, he was in on about 2 tackles a game.  In addition, how many interceptions did he have in his career? 1  How many forced fumbles in his career? 0  While this may be overcritical, will he stop the run?  Will he be able to make plays in coverage?
  • I hate to give the Aggies credit for anything except their ability to mount sheep, but the coaching staff really did a nice job of moving Miller around.  He was almost always lined up on the weakest OL, and often on a TE or RB.  Now his senior bowl efforts may make this a moot point.

Ok What about the Prince?

Prince Amukamara  6-1 205 - CB - University of Nebraska

  • First of all - Prince is a thug.  And that is a good thing.  He lined up on WRs and mauled them.  If you were a WR that did not like contact - you found a mysterious sprain or strain the week you played Nebraska.
  • He was coaches Big XII Player of the year over Von Miller, and a 2 time Big XII first team selection.
  • He was an All American in 2010.
  • He is willing to mix it up with the bigger boys too.  He had 68 tackles as a Senior and 58 tackles as a Junior.   That is a chitload of tackles for a CB.  He had 13 PBUs as a senior.  As a junior, he had 5 ints and 3 FF.  Like I say - basically a MLB playing CB - nice.

 So What Do You Have Against Prince?

  • Here is a guy I want to see run the 40.  I think he is being projected sub 4.5 speed but my untrained eyes say maybe not.  When he gets beat, I don't see the recovery speed.  I don't think this is an issue like Haden last year where he was dinged and ran - I think he is a half step slower than Joe.
  • He has been spoiled at Nebraska.  Their DL featured Suh last year and still had a top notch DL with Jared Crick this year.  While he was locking down on the WRs - the opposing QB was simultaneously chitting his pants and throwing the ball.
  • He did not have an Int this year.  To be fair - some of this was a Darelle Revis shutdown type of thing - but some of it wasn't.  In the Texas game, he and the Neb secondary did not look good - and the Longhorn WRs don't scare anyone.  Will bigger NFL receivers give him trouble?  Will the faster guys be able to run right by him? 

 So there you have it - will I be disappointed if Prince or Von are in Cleveland?  A little.  But if Heckert says ok - I will certainly trust his expertise.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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