Draft Profile: J.J. Watt



J.J. Watt is a Junior Defensive End from Big 10 co-Champion Wisconsin.  In January after the Rose Bowl, he declared for the 2011 NFL Draft.

Standing at 6-foot-6 inches and 292 pounds, he has the size to play Defensive End in the NFL.  A transfer student from CMU, he only played for the Badgers his Sophomore and Junior years. His production in those years cannot be ignored though. In his sophomore year he tallied 32 solo tackles and 12 assists, along with 4 sacks.  In his junior year he was utilized a bit more and came away with 43 solo tackles, 19 assists, 7 sacks (including 2 against Ohio State), 2 forced fumbles and a 15 yard interception return.  He also had 6 passes defended in his junior season. has him listed as the 6th best DE in the draft. I project JJ to go late in the 1st, maybe falling to late in the 2nd.

Watt is more of a pass rusher than a run stopper, but he can effectively be both.  In the Browns' new 4-3 scheme, he could fit well on the strong side, opposite a Matt Roth (if he re-signs), Marcus Benard or Jayme Mitchell.  Watt has a motor that never stops, he never gives up on a play and always plays through the whistle.  When he's not double teamed he gets great inside penetration on the Tight End.

The thing holding him back the most is the fact that most of his production came against less than stellar offensive lines.  The only truly competitive lines he played against, in my estimation, are Iowa, Ohio State and Michigan State. Though he produced good numbers in all 3 of those games (registering a sack in each of them) his production elsewhere could be seen as fools gold.  Also, he has a tendency to over commit to a play, biting on play-action and the like. Even tallying two sacks against Ohio State he seemed to get evaded and out-run by Pryor on several plays, which makes me question his speed and quickness

Why should the Browns draft JJ Watt? Well, the long and the short of it is, we need a 4-3 pass rusher.  Our current pass rusher's really don't seem to have the size to play Defensive End (outside of Roth) in the 4-3. With a person like JJ Watt attacking the passer it would give many more opportunities for our young secondary to make big plays. If he falls to us early in the 2nd round, the Browns should scoop him up quickly.

Why shouldn't the Browns draft JJ Watt? We have so many needs at so many other positions on the field, that drafting another DE/LB would seem wasteful.  In the early 2nd round there could be plenty of other standout players that could fill huge needs for our Brownies.

In conclusion, JJ Watt is a big playmaker that could be a solid addition to a struggling Browns team.  If drafted by the Browns he could easily fill a need for the next 8 years.

For your viewing pleasure -

JJ Watt vs OSU

JJ Watt Highlights.

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