Season In Review Part 3: The O-line (part 2) The weak side

Sorry for the delay, but I had a busy few weeks. Today's edition of Season in review will revolve around the right side of the line. Let's get started with Floyd "Pork-chop" Womack.


Floyd Womack:


Pork-chop played RG and RT this year for the team. He was a guy who I can’t really remember doing anything to horrible, or to well this year. He suffered from a Brodney Pool type condition when he plays but doesn’t do anything too memorable, he just kind of plays. He had a terrible case of mediocrity it seemed. I still like the guy though; he always showed up to play. He is a decent stop-gap for maybe Shawn Lauvao, or at the very worst a new recruit that I can see us picking up in the next few drafts. I like his motor and team spirit, so that’s probably why I have a bit of a soft spot for him.


Shawn Lauvao:


            Lauvao played RG for the browns this year. We drafted him in the third round shortly after we drafted Colt. Lauvao had some trouble seeing the field this year. He only played in 10 games, and it was because Mangini said that he had some effort issues at practice. It was a really disappointing year for Lauvao because we expected a third round draft pick to at least be on the field for moist of the year. I’m hoping that his effort rises for the next year, because I saw a lot that I liked in the guy. He seemed to be a good RG for our O-line of the future.


Billy Yates:


            Yates had a terrible preseason at RG and we were all expecting him to do terrible in the regular season. With this in mind, I was incredibly impressed with how he played. Our line looked the best in those games with him in there. I don’t think that we re-signed him so we might not see him next year, which is a little bit of a pity because he seemed to play well until he was put on IR.


Tony Pashos:


            The Browns picked Pashos up as a free agent just before thew season started. We were all really excited because it meant that St. Clair wouldn’t have to start. It was a huge disappointment though, because Pashos couldn’t see the field. He was out for most of the season and it hurt because we all had hoped that he would step in and help out our line. I’m hoping that next year he will be healthy, because he has played well before.


John St. Clair:




Tom Vallo:


            I’ve got nothing. I can’t remember a single game that he played in.


            Thanks for reading this. Please tell me if I left anyone out. And as always feel free to comment your criticism on my articles so I can make them better. Emily will write her article on the WR soon, and I will continue with our look at the secondary in a few days. GO BROWNS!!!!      


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