Some surprises, a few question marks. What's your final take on the draft? (Poll)

Well, as a character on an old show I used to watch would say: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!
Here's the Browns Draft, in a nutshell (after the jump). What do you think?

(note: all of the "Analysis" summaries are directly copied / pasted from the draft tracker web site page...)

Round 1:

Phil Taylor  - DL  6'3"  334  Baylor
Analysis: The Browns nabbed a replacement for Shaun Rogers by trading up with the Chiefs. He gives new defensive coordinator Dick Jauron an anchor on the interior of the line. He is ideally suited to man the one-technique spot but could play over the top of the guard as the shaded defensive tackle. His run-stopping skills will certainly help the Browns in a division that features several physical offenses.

Round 2:

Jabaal Sheard - DL 6'3" 264 Pittsburgh
Analysis: Mike Holmgren continues to add pieces to the Browns' defense to help the transition to a 4-3 scheme. Sheard is an energetic rusher off the edge with the speed and quickness to provide consistent pressure. He should be an immediate contributor as a right defensive end in their scheme.

Greg Little - WR 6'3" 220 North Carolina
Analysis: Mike Holmgren finally gives Colt McCoy an explosive weapon in the passing game with the selection of Little. Though he missed his final season due to an NCAA suspension, he has shown signs of being an impact playmaker in the past, and his intriguing skill set could make him a star at the next level.

Round 4:

Jordan Cameron - TE 6'5" 254 USC
Analysis: The former basketball player turned pass catcher is an intriguing addition to the Browns' offense. He has outstanding physical skills and flashed big-time potential during the East-West Shrine game. He could be a wildcard offensive weapon for Colt McCoy in the near future.

Owen Marecic - RB 6'1" 248 Stanford
Analysis: The Browns grab a throwback fullback in the fourth round. Marecic is a whammer at the position with the strength and toughness to move defenders out of the hole. As a two-way player (linebacker-fullback), he becomes a core special teamer immediately for the Browns.

Round 5:

Buster Skrine - DB 5'10" 186 Tennessee-Chattanooga
Analysis: The Browns pick up a speedster with cover skills. Although he flashed some inconsistency in his play, his upside and potential are through the roof. He could become a key backup for the Browns.

Jason Pinkston - OL 6'3" 317 Pittsburgh
Analysis: The Browns pick up a classic "road-grader" in Pinkston. He is an intriguing right tackle prospect with the combination of size, strength and power to develop into a quality pro player.

Round 7:

Eric Hagg - DB 6'1" 209 Nebraska
Analysis: Hagg, if he cracks the team, will provide depth for the Browns initially, and maybe in time he can become something more significant.

And of course, we get two additional picks in 2012 - the 1st and 4th rounders acquired in the trade with Atlanta.

I'm still not sure what to think about all of this - frankly I really don't know much about any of these guys. The only thing I was a bit disappointed about was the move back up in the 1st round and having to give up the 3rd rounder. Seems like maybe that was a bit of a misstep - maybe H & H thought they were going to get (one of x, y, and z players) at #27 but they all got picked so they had to move back up.

What do you think? There was lots of discussion in the 47 threads that have been scrolling by over the last few days, but I'm very curious to hear from the savvy bloggers on DBN - your overall analysis. Did we hit it out of the ballpark. Is it a "Meh". Or is it "in Heckert I trust" for you?

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