What's in a Nickname?

As I was thinking about notthatnoise's recent post referring to poorly chosen and annoying names to reference rivals we dislike (ie. Shittsburgh, The Bungles, The Ratbirds, etc.) I began thinking about whatever happened to the awesome nicknames players in past decades used to have? You know those types of names that would solidify an amazing players legacy? Honestly I can't think of any off the top of my head likely because of how young I am, but I feel as though there are players on the Browns today, and even those elsewhere in the NFL (ie. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees), that don't have any awesome nicknames to define their career achievements.

Shouldn't Joe Thomas have a nickname describing his amazing blocking abilities, or Peyton Hillis with his speed and power running, or Josh Cribbs with his agile flexibility returning kick-offs? Is the age-old hobby of awesome nickname creating a thing of the past? Are we really going to live in a future thats full of meaningless abbreviations like JT, BE, or K2? Okay, so this one actually suits Kellen because he must've been higher than a kite to break his leg on a motorcycle doing stunts in a parking lot, but the point remains: abbreviations are boring and lack the emphasis of a legacy.

Even as much as most of us despise Lebron James we all can admit that "The King" nickname was an awesome legacy maker for a young player leading a broken franchise in a city of desperation. Now the Queen is perfectly suitable and is actually a necessity. However, the point still remains, that was an awesome nickname for an awesome player even if he broke all of our hearts by making us look like the fat girl at the school prom.

Anyway, getting back to my point of emphasis, what are we to nickname the studs on our team? The name I've had in mind this whole time is the sole purpose of this topic: The Albino Rhino. Of course, I didn't come up with it, neither will I ever try to claim creation of this title for Peyton Hillis. The reason I'm bringing it up is because I honestly think this is the perfect name for Hillis and shows the true grit and rarity of his talents.

The problem: is it racist? In a league where the vast majority of the running backs over the past 40 - 60 years have been black, Peyton certainly stands out for being an exceptionally talented white guy to run the ball effectively, at least for one season, and hopefully more. But is it racist to perceive it that way even though it's absolutely true?

I know we try to avoid controversy on this site, and I applaud everyone for being mature and respectful regarding race, ethnicity, and religious beliefs in previous threads. Yet the truth remains that I know nothing about the heritage of any of you so I'm uncertain if this will be a problem or not. But I really like this name. And I don't personally believe it's a racist name. As a person who finds a lot of comfort and perspective in the art of comedy, I actually think it would be wrong for us not to use it in fear of it being a racist name. I respect everyone's opinion, but we can't be that serious all the time. It will lead to too much stress and shorten our lifespans. But I shouldn't go too far into this kind of speech so I'll leave it at that with a poll and any of your comments.

ps. My apologies to the administrators if they feel this is too offensive of a subject, but I'm requesting permission to get an answer from my fellow Brownies. I hope you don't delete this post because of it's controversial topic. I respect all of your opinions enough to ask. I think this is more of a reason to keep the topic posted rather than to delete it in fear of offending someone. If someone is offended I certainly apologize, but I ask that you please comment to the thread as I am truly interested in hearing everyone's opinion.

This is a fan-created post. Dawgs By Nature assumes no responsibility for the content listed.

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