UDBNFL: Draft Recap


Here’s how I opened this piece last season:

Like I mentioned before, the online live draft through Yahoo! Sports was a huge success. We had all 11 out of 14 teams show up which is a great turnout. We had a lively discussion as well as smack talk (which is what fantasy football is all about) throughout the hour and a half it took, which seemed to fly by, other than the occasional team that decided to use all two minutes of their clock time for a pick, but we all ran it down a few times. Overall, it seemed pretty much everyone enjoyed it, is happy with their team, and is ready to get to the real fun! Most of it still applies. 

But, before we reach that fateful Thursday evening on September 8th, here is a recap and analysis of the Unofficial DBN Fan League fantasy football draft 2011... :(now with 99% less pictures)


1. Joey_D - (Y-Town Dawgs)

Make or Break Player: (25) Vincent Jackson

Potential Sleeper: (49) Santonio Holmes

Browns Rep: none           

Vincent Jackson as your #1 WR is a pretty risky place to be at, but it’s eased with Adrian Peterson at this teams carry. If Holmes can play a full season, he may be quite a steal in round 5.


2. SpecialBrownie - (The SpecialPeoples)

Make or Break Player: (26) Shonn Greene

Potential Sleeper: (50) Daniel Thomas

Browns Rep: (122) Phil Dawson

He had issues with the draft application throughout the draft, so I can’t rip these moves all that much. Still, If Shonn Greene can’t live up to expectations, this is a disaster. Daniel Thomas is a promising rookie.

I didn’t pick either of those sucky RBs. F You Yahoo.


3. brownsboy14 - (Colt's Cowboys)

Make or Break Player: (51) Ben Roethlisberger

Potential Sleeper: (118) Kevin Kolb

Browns Rep: none

Fully auto-picked team, but the CPU managed to land the highest rated fantasy RB on the board with the 3rd pick. A lot is riding on which fantasy Big Ben this team will get this season. If Kolb emerges, Ben may be no concern.

Sorry I wanted to make it, but I moved in that day. At any rate if I suck I can just blame yahoo the whole season.


4. doggrad87 - (Husker's_Hounds)

Make or Break Player: (4) Chris Johnson

Potential Sleeper: (52 ) Josh Freeman

Browns Rep: (76) Montario Hardesty, (100) Cleveland, (117) Benjamin Watson, (124) Evan Moore, (148) Greg Little

We can just call this team the Husker’s Browns. Really though, this team’s draft is really depending on Chris Johnson’s holdout. I like the upside on Josh Freeman though. Cleveland’s defense at 100 though? Insane. Followed by back to back TEs… on the same team… which happens to be the Browns… when you already drafted Dallas Clark? More insane.


5. Simmsinns - (simmsinns)

Make or Break Player: (44) Dwayne Bowe

Potential Sleeper: (77) Austin Collie

Browns Rep: none

I loved when Jamaal Charles slipped to me at 5, but thought it went down hill from there. Dwayne Bowe really needs to play up to his abilities. I love the Austin Collie pick, barring any lingering head issues.


6. Kimble_79 - (WV Brownies)

Make or Break Player: (54) Mark Ingram

Potential Sleeper: (78) Cedric Benson

Browns Rep: none

I thought TEs were really reached for in this draft, such is the case here, in which he grabbed one before even getting a #2 RB in a 3 (1 flex) RB league. I think he needs to get a lot out of Mark Ingram. Or perhaps Cedric Benson will be decent again.

I’m pleased overall with my picks. I think my team will be solid if I can keep everyone healthy. I think Benson (even though he is losing a step) will be heavily used this year despite that and will carry the Bengals offensive load. Greatly pleased to see Ray Rice fall to me at #6 and then Tom Brady for my next pick.


7. Brownie's Year - (110lbs Of Kosar)

Make or Break Player: (31) DeAngelo Williams

Potential Sleeper: (90) Sidney Rice

Browns Rep: (127) Coly McCoy

I actually like D Wills fantasy potential, especially on a team with bad QBs, he’s just got to stay healthy. If Rice can do what we all (should) know he’s capable of, than he’s a massive steal in round 9. I also don’t Coly McCoy was a reach, after the Joe Thomas quote, this is the best pick in the whole draft so far.

Eli, himself, said he’s a top 5 NFL QB. That confidence alone was worth the 5th round pick. Plus he was the best on the board at that time. If Eli starts going downhill, Coly will fill in nicely.


8. emily522 - (Brownie the Elf)

Make or Break Player: (17) Peyton Hillis

Potential Sleeper: (80) Pierre Garcon

Browns Rep: (17) Peyton Hillis

Seventeenth overall seems reasonable for Hillis. And with Hardesty still dealing with injury issues, I think he’s not going to lose as many carries as people believed before. Garcon is going to have to start on this fantasy team (for now), but with Mannings old go to guy aging and the other always out, he’s got upside.

Hated choosing Mendenhall with my first pick. I thought Hillis was a good move at 17; I didn’t see any other RBs that I felt I should take instead of him. I’m pretty thin at WR, which seems to always happen to me in FF. Very happy with my QBs. Couldn’t resist the temptation to take Spiller with my last pick.


9. bross09 - (RandallPFloyd QB)

Make or Break Player: (16) Michael Vick

Potential Sleeper: (57) Stevie Johnson

Browns Rep: none

As long as Mike Vick’s last preseason outing isn’t a sign of what’s to come, this could be worth it. He was the first real QB to come off the board though, he needs to prove it was worth it. Stevie Johnson exploded into a beast last year, Bills or not, in the 5th round it was worth it. But 2 defenses, really?

Not that worried that I drafted 2 Defenses, especially considering that I drafted the 2nd so close to the end of the draft. Probably will drop for a waiver wire RB.


10. StuckInPa - (London Silly Nannies)

Make or Break Player: (34) Ahmad Bradshaw

Potential Sleeper: (58) Marques Colston

Browns Rep: none

Bradshaw is not his #1 RB, but as two years McFadden’s elder and only 1 season as “the guy”, I actually think he has more to prove and more riding on his shoulders. As Drew Brees’s possible go to receiver, even as the QB utilizes 68 of them, he could be a steal at 58.


11. golanbatrac - (golan)

Make or Break Player: (35) Steven Jackson

Potential Sleeper: (59) Felix Jones

Browns Rep: none

He went with the unorthodox double WR first draft. But I think he got value back with Steven Jackson and it could work out exceptionally well for drafting 11th. Jackson just need to play all 16 games again. He’s got a lot of wear and tear on him already. Felix Jones is entering a season as the feature back, but he has a lot of potential, just needs more carries to be more fantasy relevant.


12. Browns town - (TXChainsaw Massaquoi) 

Make or Break Player: (36) LeGarrette Blount

Potential Sleeper: (85) Brandon Pettigrew

Browns Rep: (133) Mohamed Massaquoi

LeGarrette Blount went right after Jackson, but I actually like him more, from a fantasy perspective. But, just like the rest of the 2010 fantasy break out stars, he needs to prove he can do it again. Pettigrew is a rising TE, still needs to warrant that (real-life) first round pick, but I think he can. If Massaquoi gets healthy and on the field, he may once again led the Browns WRs. He also had to draft him to legitimize his clever team name. 


Drafting at either end of the snake is tough, but I came away satisfied with my draft. As much as I loved having Michael Vick in two of my four leagues last year, I still think Aaron Rodgers is the #1 fantasy QB this year, so I was happy to see him fall to me at #12.

Roddy White is IMO the 2nd best WR this year, Calvin Johnson is #1 and was taken by golan right before me. My concern is with my RBs, but by the time my first pick came around, there were no great ones available, so I waited and got some backs with good potential, but no guarantee.



For the entire draft results, check them out here (sorted by team). Also, if you'd like a comment of your own to be included in the piece, feel free to leave one below and I'll add them as they come in.

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