Post-Game Presser: Shurmur on Mistakes, McCoy on Getting Hit

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 19: Starting quarterback Colt McCoy #12 and head coach Pat Shurmur of the Cleveland Browns wait for a challenge ruling from the officials during the second quarter against the Detroit Lionsat Cleveland Browns Stadium on August 19, 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur and several players spoke to the media following the team's 30-28 preseason loss to the Detroit Lions on Friday night. I have pulled excerpts from the transcripts that I thought were interesting, which are lasted after the jump. You can read the full transcripts here:

Pat Shurmur post-game transcript
Players post-game transcript


(Opening statement)- "Let me start with the injuries. Brandon Jackson had turf toe; he was getting evaluated we’ll know more about him tomorrow.  Evan Moore got dinged up.  They brought him in and I haven’t had a chance to fully get all the information on that one yet, so he’s being evaluated.


Then [after the TD run in the second half] we really started getting pretty sloppy.  When you look at it, numerous penalties and then those two fumbles in the second half led directly to points.  Those are killers.  I told the guys, ‘The guys that are in the game are in charge of winning the game and you cant be sloppy.’  You have to take care of the football and you cant have penalties because it gets you out of rhythm, its gets you behind as far as trying to move the football because you have long-yardage situations.  There’s a lesson in that and fortunately, its preseason."

(On decision to not play Montario Hardesty and if he needs one more week of practice)- "Yeah, that’s basically it.  We’ll put him back in live action with a solid week and a half under his belt."

(On talking to Greg Little on sideline about kicking the ball in the stands)- "Yes, I told him to not do that.  Basically, he made a great play and I said, ‘In my opinion, you tarnished a great effort by booting the ball in the stands.’  I don’t want that, he knows I don’t want that and it’s been addressed.  I don’t expect to see that again."

(On Evan Moore being a weapon)- "He can really run and catch the football.  You saw in tight coverage, he made a great catch in the end zone and found a way to keep his feet in bounds.  So, that’s how we’ll try to use him throughout this deal and I think he has improved as a blocker.  But, I think his real value is a pass catcher."


(On taking some hits tonight)- "Tonight was good.  Last week, I don’t think I got hit.  One time I got out of the pocket and I probably should have slid a little earlier.  They put some pressure on us.  They came at us with some pressure that we hadn’t seen and, for the most part, we did okay.  We were a little short-handed.  Peyton (Hillis) didn’t play, Ben Watson didn’t play and Steiny (Eric Steinbach) didn’t play.  Those are three guys that really make a difference so (it is good) to go out and put up points like that in the second game of the preseason against a good defensive football team."


(On his touchdown catch)- "It felt good to finally get in the end zone and get the monkey off my back. I was a little overjoyed."

(On punting the ball in the end zone)- "The official told me to watch out for it in the regular season and that it would be a penalty. I have to be cautious of that and not hurt the team with self-imposed penalties."


(On Colt McCoy’s performance)- "One thing Colt is doing great is spreading the football around. That is what this west coast offense allows us to do. Some great athletes are going to come out of this offense. Colt is going to spread the ball around and the athletes are going to make plays."


(On the forced fumble)- "It’s something we do in practice, stripping the ball. I just went in there and it popped out."

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