Off Topic: Beer

People care about their beer.  So much so that we have a fairly accurate measure of how long prohibition lasted... almost down to the second (13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 hours, 32 minutes, and about 30 seconds).  During that time, guess what was the most politically talked about topic?  During that time, guess what people were arrested for most?  BEER.

Whether you actually enjoy beer or not, it is a very important part of civilization, history, and even religion.   Did you know that it is a widely accepted theory in the historical community that the start of civilization can be attributed to beer?  The first consumer protection law ever in existence was about the production of beer (Reinheitsgebot, 1516).  Beer was a staple in the diet of porters in England because it was safer to drink that the water AND it gave them essential nutrients needed to survive (this is also the case for many societies throughout history).  The pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock because they ran out of beer.

Currently, there are just over 1600 microbreweries in the US, the most ever in our country's history with more popping up every single year.  The variety of beer now available is almost limitless and the sheer volume produced through the microbreweries as well as the corporate giants is staggering.  Beer is an ever-growing industry with the demand to follow the supply.

Most people have their favorite beer--or at least style thereof--and if you were to ask them, you could most likely start a conversation that could make or break a friendship, give you insight into past and personality, or at the very least, simply give you something passionate to talk about for a few minutes.  Beer changes with time, sometimes sours, sometimes gets better, sometimes gets drunk.  Beer takes up commercial time during a game, pairs well with meals, can be a meal, starts relationships, ends relationships, makes babies, ends lives, and, most importantly, satisfies a human urge of consumption that sends a rush of your own serotinin to the brain and then alcohol shortly thereafter.

ITT: talk about beer.  The history, your favorite, your guilty-pleasure-favorite, evil corporate domination, underdog micros, best food pairings, homebrewing, experiences, etc.

I personally love beer so much so that I want to eventually open my own brewpub down the road.  I am an avid homebrewer and love to learn about the history of beer, random beer facts, and will never turn down a taste of beer that I have not tried in the past.  I despise InBev and dislike Bud, Miller, and Coors but I have an understanding that every beer has it's place in the world--I love my craft beers but when I'm on a boat with a fishing pole in my hand, I really wouldn't want a heavy scotch ale and would instead opt for a lighter beer--I understand that people have different tastes and some prefer BMC (then again, some people succumb to good advertising rather than good beer).  I give brewery tastings and tours at a local brewery here in Rochester, NY and am an aspiring brewer.  If you have questions about beer or anything related, ask and i'll try my best to answer.

"Good peo­ple drink good beer.  Just look around any pub­lic bar­room and you will see: Bad peo­ple drink bad beer.  Think about it."
     -Hunter S. Thompson

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