Week 2 picks

The first week of the NFL season had quite a few upsets which hurt many team's picks -- including mine -- but congrats to badrat as he finished 13-3 to lead after week 1.  Five other members finished 12-4 to tie for second.  I picked a few upsets which didn't happen and didn't pick the upsets which did happen so my record was a lousy 7-9 (only one person who picked all the games did worse -- and that was Bernie19Kosar).  This week I will try to redeem myself or else I may be out of the race in the first month.

Cleveland at Indy -- Browns.  I think this one will be much tougher for the Browns than many fans think.  Sure, the Colts looked awful last week, but they feel behind early because of two turnovers and gave up a return TD.  I think Collins will look better in the offense with another week of practice, but the Colts have a bad run defense which is missing their middle LB so the Browns should be able to establish the run and get the offense going.  I see a close Browns victory.

Seattle at Pittsburgh -- Steelers.  I think the Steelers will come out very angry after getting beaten up by the Ravens last week and Seattle is just the kind of team they want to face this week.  This game won't be close.  If you're in a Survival League this would be an easy choice.

Oakland at Buffalo -- Bills.  This is a tough one to call; the Bills looked great last week against the Chiefs but they can't be expected to play that well again.  Oakland is a good running team but west coast teams always struggle in 1:00 games on the east.  

Arizona at Washington -- Redskins.  Another west coast team playing an early game.  The Skins looked pretty good against NY last week and Arizona may have the worst secondary in the NFL so Grossman may have another quality game.

TB at Minnesota -- Bucs.  Tampa needs to bounce back after losing to the Lions last week.  Luckily for them, their entire division lost last week (and since there are no division games this week, all four teams in the NFC South could be 0-2 next week).

Jacksonville at NY Jets -- Jets.  The Jets got help from Tony Romo last week to win but they'll get this one easily.

Chicago at NO -- Saints.  The Bears might be better than people thought but this will be a tough game to win on the road.  

GB at Carolina -- Packers.  Another easy pick.  The question will be if Cam Newton can come close to matching his big game last week in his debut.

Baltimore at Tennessee -- Ravens.  They looked great last week against the Steelers and I don't see the Titans putting up much of a fight.

KC at Detroit -- Lions.  The Chiefs are looking to rebound from their humiliation by Buffalo last week but Detroit looks like the may be able to live up to some of those high preseason expectations.

Dallas at SF -- Cowboys.  As long as Dallas can contain Ted Ginn in the return game they should be able to win this easily.

Cincinnati at Denver -- Bengals.  Cincy may be better than people thought coming in to the season.  Their defense is still pretty good and I thought Dalton didn't look bad against the Browns last week.  If he can play the whole game then they should be able to win this one.

SD at NE -- Chargers.  This should be a really fun game to watch (too bad I'm stuck with the Bengals).  I don't know why but I think the Chargers can pull off this victory in New England.   Expect plenty of scoring in this one.

Houston at Miami -- Dolphins.  Five of the next six games are on the road for Miami so this is one they have to win if they have any chance of competing for the playoffs.  The Dolphins hung around with NE for most of the game last week so I think they can pull it off.  I think Houston will be a little overconfident after beating up the Colts last week.

Philly at Atlanta -- Falcons.  In case you hadn't heard, Mike Vick is going back to Atlanta for his first start there as an Eagle.  Atlanta needs a win after losing (and looking bad) last week against the Bears.

St. Louis at NY Giants -- Giants.  Not a very exciting matchup for the second Monday night game.  I'd pick the Rams if they were healthy but there are too many injuries on offense to see them winning this one.

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