Week 3 Picks

The second week of this NFL season resulted in fewer upsets so the scores were much better last week.  I rebounded from my poor 7-9 start to post a 12-4 record.  I only lost one early game but a few of my afternoon upset picks (Miami and SD) didn't work out.  Two group members, Davedawg09 and EdNDayton1965, missed only one game to post a 15-1 record.  There are four members tied for the overall lead with 25 points -- Davedawg09, Jshep12, HenryDawg, and badrat.  This week provides some really good matchups which should lead to some tough choices.

Miami at Cleveland -- Browns.  Despite Miami's 0-2 record I believe they are a formidable opponent.  They hung with the Patriots on Monday night for most of the game and Chad Henne has been putting up good numbers so far.  But their defense they rank last in the NFL in passing yards (although that may have something to do with facing Brady and Schaub) so the offense should be able to move the ball through the air.  The Browns should be able to score at least 20 points and get the win.

Jacksonville at Carolina -- Panthers.  Cam Newton has put up big numbers in his first two games but that has yet to translate in to a victory.  This week they face off against another rookie QB, Blaine Gabbert, who is making his first career start.  Newton may not throw for 400 yards again this week but he probably won't need to as Carolina cruises to a win.

Detroit at Minnesota -- Lions.  Detroit is one of the surprise teams so far and they're facing a 0-2 Vikings team desperate for a win or else they're going to fall far behind in the division race.  McNabb has been terrible so far and I see no reason to think that changes here.  The Lions are for real.

SF at Cincinnati -- Bengals.  Neither team is very good but I don't see the 49ers traveling across the country to win in Cincy.

NE at Buffalo -- Patriots.  This should be an excellent game with the surprising Bills facing off against the mighty Patriots.  I'm sure you've all heard a dozen times already that the Bills haven't beaten the Pats since opening day in 2003 -- 15 straight wins for NE.  This should feature a lot of offense but I need to see more from the Bills before I think they can knock off Brady and the Pats.

NY Giants at Philly -- Eagles.  Vick has been cleared to play so this seems like a win for the Eagles

Denver at Tennessee -- Titans.  I need Chris Johnson to get going because he's killing my fantasy team (not the DBN one).  Hopefully he does it this week.

Houston at NO -- Saints.  Another game which should provide plenty of offense.  Houston's defense has looked much better these first two weeks under Wade Phillips but playing against Brees and the Saints will provide a much more difficult test.  We'll see how far they've come during this game.

NY Jets at Oakland -- Raiders.  I think the Raiders can upset the Jets in Oakland, especially since Mangold isn't making the trip with an injury.  The Raiders seem to have found some WR's who can make plays.

Baltimore at St. Louis -- Ravens.  Baltimore is coming off of a tough loss to the Titans so they're going to really be fired up for this one.  

KC at SD -- Chargers.  This is the most popular Survival League pick (although I already picked SD in week one and Pittsburgh last week so I can't pick the two obvious games).  Many people thought KC would fall back after winning the division last year but I don't think anyone expected them to be this bad.

Atlanta at TB -- Falcons.  Another really good game.  Both teams are 1-1 and have high expectations for this season so this is a crucial game in their division race.  I think the Falcons have more weapons in this one.

Arizona at Seattle -- Cardinals.  Nothing really interesting here, other than Seattle's spot in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

GB at Chicago -- Packers.  The last time these two teams met in Chicago was in the NFC Championship Game when Cutler got injured and the Packers pulled away in the 2nd half.  Cutler may not finish this game, either, unless their O-line start blocking much better.

Pittsburgh at Indy -- Steelers.  This looked like a great Sunday night matchup before the season but now without Manning it's an easy win for Pittsburgh.

Washington at Dallas -- Cowboys.  The Redskins are another surprising 2-0 teams but people are wondering how long Rex Grossman can keep it up.  Romo is playing with injured ribs and the Redskins defenders have vowed to go after him, but I think he can stay in the game and put up enough points to win easily.

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