A Few More Game Balls

All due respect to Chris, who gave the weekly game ball to Hardesty for a solid and welcome performance...

I'm taking the liberty to pass out a few additional game balls, share some highlights (screen captures from NFL Rewind...), and pay tribute to a young defense on the rise.

First a few numbers (courtesy of our defense). We are 3rd in the NFL in sacks with 11. We are 3rd in the NFL in passing YPG allowed with 187.3. We are 8th in the NFL in 3rd down completion pct. allowed with 34%. And we are 9th in the NFL in total YPG allowed with 316.

No, we haven't yet played the best teams in the NFL. But our defense is improving every week and has stepped up big time. IMHO they are shaping up to be one of the more respected defenses in the league. This is a hell of an accomplishment considering they just learned a new system under a new coach, and considering the myriad of question marks and considerable hand wringing (justifiably) by many astute bloggers around here coming into the 2011 season.

So - game balls all around for Sheard, Mitchell, Rubin, Taylor, Haden, Adams, Gocong, Cribbs and MoMass.

And some highlights... GO BROWNS.

Sheard begins his assault on Henne. Mitchell is right there for cleanup duty on the sack:


Rubin and DQ Jackson continue to rain on Henne's parade:


Sheard is heard to yell "I thought I told you, NOT IN MY HOUSE" as he forces a Henne incompletion in the red zone:


Sheard gets tired of Henne trying to make plays in his house, so he and Gocong team up to rain down more misery on Henne as they very nearly get the safety:


Brandon Marshall - tsk tsk... simmer down dude. Unnecessary Roughness penalties aren't going to make coach happy. And sheesh, no need to take out all your frustration on Adams!...


... when here's the guy who's been shutting you down all day. Then again I guess I don't blame you.
You know better than to piss off # 23...


Hello Mr. Henne, my name is Phil.
I see you are trying to make a play down here near our end zone.
Didn't Mr. Sheard tell you earlier - not to try to make plays in our house, especially when you are anywhere near our sacred end zone?


Rubin joins in the fun:


Gocong doesn't want to be left out of all the fun so he drops Bush for a 3 yard loss:


Cribbs using his awesomeness to pull one down for the TD:


MoMass decides its time to prove something to people who doubt his worthiness at WR:


Adams, already a bit testy after Mr. Marshall's rude gesture earlier in the game, decides to tell Henne, who is apparently hard of hearing, one last time... Read My Lips: NOT. IN. MY. HOUSE. Game. Over.


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