Week 4 Picks

Last week there were two members who put up 14-2 records to lead the group -- Dawg Nuts and UnderDawgPound.  The overall leader is badrat, who has put up an impressive 13, 12, and 12 wins in the first three weeks for 37 total wins, followed by BinkDeBook and HenryDawg with 36 wins.  My record last week was an acceptable 11-5 which gives me 30 wins on the year.  I need to start putting up some big winning weeks to get back in the race.

Tennessee at Cleveland -- Browns.  I'm going to this game on Sunday and it will be a very special one for me because I'm taking my dad to his first Browns game (first football game besides high school, actually).  Back in 1985, when I was six years old, my dad took me to my first Indians game at old Municipal Stadium and he took me to a game almost every summer after that.  This week, we return to that same site for a Browns game together.  As far as the game, I'm obviously picking the Browns to win (although I'm very worried that CJ will finally go off this week).

Carolina at Chicago -- Panthers.  I think the Panthers can upset the Bears.  Chicago just isn't that good; they can't protect Cutler.  And Carolina can score with Cam Newton.

Buffalo at Cincinnati -- Bills.  Although I could certainly see them getting upset here after beating the Patriots last week.  Classic letdown game.

Detroit at Dallas -- Cowboys.  This feels like it should be played on Thanksgiving.  I think Dallas gives Detroit their first loss.

Minnesota at KC -- Vikings.  If Minnesota can't win this one then they're really in trouble.

Washington at St. Louis -- Redskins.  What happened to the Rams?

SF at Philadelphia -- Eagles.  Even if Vick doesn't play the whole game the Eagles shouldn't have trouble with the Niners.  

NO at Jacksonville -- Saints.  I think this is closer than many people think but the Saints still get the win.

Pittsburgh at Houston -- Texans.  Great game here.  Houston needs to win this game to show that they can really contend with the big boys.

NYG at Arizona -- Cardinals.  Another upset pick.  Kolb hasn't looked great so far and the Giants have looked pretty good but I think the Cardinals rebound from a bad loss to Seattle.

Atlanta at Seattle -- Falcons.  This is a game the Falcons cannot lose.

Denver at GB -- Packers.  A rematch of John Elway's first Super Bowl win.  This time GB has a huge advantage at the QB position.

NE at Oakland -- Raiders.  I know this is a trendy upset pick by many.  The Pats are coming off of a tough loss to the Bills and have to travel west to Oakland.  I think the Raiders keep up their good play and run all over the bad NE defense.

Miami at SD -- Chargers.  Although it would be completely like San Diego to lose this game.

NYJ at Baltimore -- Ravens.  The Ravens are looking pretty good so far.  They may be the favorites in the AFC by the end of the season.

Indy at TB -- Bucs.  Another prime time game for the Manning-less Colts.  They played Pittsburgh tough last week and may do the same against the Bucs but Tampa needs this win to keep up with the Saints so they won't let it slip away.

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