Week 1 Picks

The NFL season kicks off tonight so it's time to post my picks for the first week.  These are the picks that I entered in our Yahoo Pick'em League and every week I'll try to post them here with a few thoughts.  Other members are free to post their picks here if they want to along with any comments about the games.  In future weeks, I'll also post the users who had the best record from the previous week and the updated leaders.

NO at GB -- Packers. What a great game to start the season.  Like most people, I think either of these teams could win the NFC and this will be an important game for home field advantage in the playoffs.  I like the Saints a little better but it will be hard to beat the Packers in Green Bay on the night they celebrate their Super Bowl victory.

Cincinnati at Cleveland -- Browns.  I'm going to this game and I'll be very upset if the Browns don't come away with a victory.  The Bengals could be one of the worst teams in the NFL this season and are starting a rookie QB.  The Browns won't dominate but they'll win by a nice margin.

Atlanta at Chicago -- Falcons.  They could be really good and the Bears won't be close to last year's record.

Buffalo at KC -- Chiefs.  If Cassel were healthy this would be an easy pick for a Survival League.  As it is, I don't think the Bills have enough to win in KC.

Philly at St. Louis -- Rams.  I'm going with the upset here; I don't think the Eagles will be as great as many people are making them out to be, especially early in the season.

Detroit at TB -- Bucs.  Two good young teams face off in what should be a fun game to watch.  

Tennessee at Jacksonville -- Titans.  The Jaguars just released their starting QB this week so I don't see them keeping up with CJ and the Titans.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore -- Steelers.  But I'm rooting for the meteor.

Indy at Houston -- Texans.  I know it's only week 1, but this sure seems like a must win game for the Texans.  If they can't beat the Colts without Manning then they have no hope of ever winning this division.

Carolina at Arizona -- Cardinals.  Cam Newton may be really good some day but it won't happen yet.  

Minnesota at SD -- Chargers.  Will this finally be the year that the Chargers put it all together and make the Super Bowl?  If so, they need to get off to a better start then they usually do.

Seattle at SF -- 49ers.  Picking against Tavaris Jackson on the road is so easy it shouldn't really be fair.

NYG at Washington -- Redskins.  I don't know who is playing QB for the Skins but the Giants have been decimated by injuries already so I'll take the home team here.

Dallas at NYJ -- Cowboys.  A really good Sunday night game.  The Cowboys looked much better under Jason Garrett during the second half of last year but can it continue in to this season?  They could put up some huge numbers on offense if everyone stays healthy.

NE at Miami -- Patriots.  Tom Brady or Chad Henne -- enough said.

Oakland at Denver -- Broncos.  The Raiders were an improved team last year but they lost their head coach and many of their best players.  I'll take the Broncos.

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