2012 Game Day Threads

Wildcard Weekend: Bengals vs. Texans


We haven't seen this matchup before, right? Wait a minute...didn't these two teams square off last season in the first game of the first round of the NFL playoffs? Indeed they did.

Win and In: Cowboys vs. Redskins Game Thread


To cap off the NFL regular season tonight, the Dallas Cowboys take on the Washington Redskins. You can't ask for better circumstances here: this is win and in for these two teams.

Browns vs. Steelers - 4th Quarter Game Thread


The Browns opened the second half with a rollout touchdown pass from Thaddeus Lewis to Greg Little, tying the game at 10-10. Pittsburgh followed that up with a lengthy touchdown drive of their own,...

Browns vs. Steelers - 3rd Quarter Game Thread


Only Browns fans could look at a first half of quarterback play by Thaddeus Lewis, see only three points on the board, and still be pleased with the play of the offense. The defense has played...

Browns vs. Steelers - 2nd Quarter Game Thread


The Cleveland Browns' defense was quite active in the first half, forcing Pittsburgh into several three-and-outs. Thaddeus Lewis provided a nice little spark on offense with some aggressive throws,...


Browns vs. Steelers - 1st Quarter Game Thread

Today, it all ends -- the Cleveland Browns' season comes to a close, and it is probably the last full day of the Pat Shurmur/Tom Heckert era. Until then, though, the Browns still need to go out...

Browns vs. Broncos - 4th Quarter Game Thread


Peyton Manning responded to a Browns field goal with a methodical drive, though, that was capped off with another touchdown pass to Eric Decker, giving Denver a 21-6 lead. Now, Brandon Weeden is...

Browns vs. Broncos - 3rd Quarter Game Thread


Peyton Manning had Denver on the move, but with about 20 seconds left in the half, he threw an interception in the end zone to Browns safety Usama Young. It remains 14-3 Broncos at the half, but...

Browns vs. Broncos - 2nd Quarter Game Thread


Peyton Manning marched the Broncos down the field on the team's opening possession, capping the drive off with a perfect 22-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas. Cleveland answered with a Phil...


Browns vs. Broncos - 1st Quarter Game Thread

Today, the Cleveland Browns take on the Denver Broncos. Can the Browns' defense contain Peyton Manning, and will Brandon Weeden be more aggressive this week to help pull off an upset?


MNF Open Thread - Jets vs. Titans


Tonight, the New York Jets take on the Tennessee Titans for Monday Night Football. With the way the schedule works out, this is actually the final Monday Night game of the season (next week's is on...

SNF Open Thread - 49ers vs. Patriots


Tonight, the San Francisco 49ers take on the New England Patriots. This game features one of the best teams from each conference, but more is at stake for the 49ers considering they have the...

Redskins vs. Browns - 4th Quarter Game Thread


Just as the Browns were driving to end the third quarter, Weeden threw another interception after missing an open receiver. Can Cleveland rally in the fourth with the Redskins up 24-14?

Redskins vs. Browns - 3rd Quarter Game Thread


The Browns responded with a great drive, though, capped off by a go-ahead 1-yard touchdown run by Trent Richardson. Cleveland leads 14-10 at the half and will get the ball first.

Redskins vs. Browns - 2nd Quarter Game Thread


You couldn't ask for a better start to the first quarter for the Cleveland Browns. After T.J. Ward picked off Kirk Cousins, Trent Richardson punched it in for a touchdown. Somehow, Cousins found...


Redskins vs. Browns - 1st Quarter Game Thread

Today, the Cleveland Browns take on the Washington Redskins minus Robert Griffin III. Without their starting quarterback, Cleveland are the favorites to win their fourth straight game. Will they...

TNF Open Thread - Bengals vs. Eagles


This game has extra meaning for the Cleveland Browns, because a loss by the Bengals creates even more scenarios in which the Browns' playoff hopes can remain alive. Can Philly win their second...

MNF Open Thread - Texans vs. Patriots


Tonight, the Houston Texans square off against the New England Patriots in a game that could have ramifications on the No. 1 seed in the AFC when the playoffs come. Will Tom Brady be able to...

Chiefs vs. Browns - 4th Quarter Game Thread


With the assistance of a couple of gadget plays in the third quarter, the Cleveland Browns scored their first offensive touchdown of the game with a 1-yard run up the middle by Trent Richardson....

Chiefs vs. Browns - 3rd Quarter Game Thread


Benjamin fielded the ball at his own 7-yard line, and with some nifty moves and a convoy of blockers, went 93 yards for the longest punt return in team history. After that, both teams traded punts...

Chiefs vs. Browns - 2nd Quarter Game Thread


The Cleveland Browns got off to an awful start to the game, as Jamaal Charles ripped off an 80-yard touchdown on the team's first play. The Browns then added a field goal of their own, making it a...


Chiefs vs. Browns - 1st Quarter Game Thread

Today, the Cleveland Browns take on the Kansas City Chiefs in a battle that brings many familiar faces, such as head coach Romeo Crennel, offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, QB Brady Quinn, and RB...

TNF Open Thread - Broncos vs. Raiders


Tonight, the Denver Broncos take on the Oakland Raiders for Thursday Night Football. Browns fans should be quite familiar with the Raiders, considering we just played them this past Sunday. Who...

MNF Open Thread - Giants vs. Redskins


Tonight, the Washington Redskins take on the New York Giants in what should be a fun-filled NFC East game. A win for the Redskins would make things really interesting in the division, while a win...

Browns vs. Raiders - 4th Quarter Game Thread


After Phil Dawson missed a field goal for the first time this season, Carson Palmer made a picture-perfect throw to WR Rod Streater in the slot, who took it 64 yards for a touchdown. It's a 13-10...

Browns vs. Raiders - 3rd Quarter Game Thread


Phil Dawson's field goal made it 3-0, and a few moments later, Brandon Weeden connected with Josh Gordon for a 44-yard touchdown to make it 10-0. The Raiders added a field goal, and it is 10-3...

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